Snake Chef

Snake Chef – Cooking Puzzle

Having no arms won’t stop you from making tasty dishes! Snake Chef is a cooking puzzle that’s based on the classic mobile game. Instead of just gobbling food, you’ll cook …Read more


Efi – Dungeon Crawler

A mama bird will do anything for her precious chicks! Efi is a dungeon crawler where you have to help a mother bird find her chicks. Her kids are scattered …Read more

Volty’s Quest – Action Adventure

Keep charging forward! Volty’s Quest is an action-adventure featuring a brave battery. Help him overcome various obstacles while exploring the maze. As a battery form, Volty must be charged every …Read more


OtherSide – Dimensional Platformer

Experience the thrills of dimension-hopping! OtherSide is a platformer game where you guide your character between two worlds. The other dimension can only be viewed through a small circle. The …Read more


Alpha – Clicker RPG

Show the evil robots the power of humanity! Alpha is a clicker RPG based on a sci-fi novel. The world has been completely destroyed, but life still thrives.  You’ll be …Read more

A Card in the Dark – RPG

Fight the darkness! A Card in the Dark is a dungeon crawler that mixes elements from a card game. To escape from the dark cave, you need to choose between …Read more