pixel basher

Pixel Basher – Puzzle

Organize all the pixels! In Pixel Basher, pixels are coming to life and started moving around the board. Your goal is to keep all these squares in check. Bump into …Read more

Pixel Feelings – Match Puzzle

Add wonderful colors to your pixilated life! Pixel Feelings is a match puzzle game where you try and make the lives of other people better. When your character gets near …Read more


Dodgeball – Space Arcade

Avoid all the balls! As its name implies, Dodgeball is a reflex game where you try to avoid all incoming projectiles. The balls range in different sizes and movements patterns. …Read more

Elementary – Magic Card Fight

Use your magic powers to fight monsters! Elementary is a card duel game where you mix elements together to create powerful compounds that can destroy your enemies. You can make …Read more


Encase – Geometry Puzzle

Have fun playing with shapes! Encase is a geometry puzzle where you try to create triangles in each level. The lines can be moved by rotating the nodes attached to …Read more


Infectoid – Action Platformer

Embark on an adventure inside your computer! Infectoid is a futuristic action platformer where you play as a virtual virus. Hack your way into a mother computer to destroy its …Read more


Prism – Action Adventure

Life without color is sad.  Add a vibrant glow to your world in Prism! In this action platformer, the goal is to reach the end of the map.  At first, …Read more

Kineticism – Sci-Fi Shooter

Hack the system and stop the forces of evil from taking over! Kineticism is a futuristic sci-fi shooter where you fight an army of robots. Players must infiltrate a mega-corporation …Read more