Dear Grim Reaper

Dear Grim Reaper

Do you want to know how many years you still have left to live? Find out in Dear Grim Reaper! This is a simple game wherein you’ll be asked questions about …Read more

Pet Hop

Pet Hop Endless Runner Game

Help the bunny cross the busy traffic streets in Pet Hop! In this game, you’ll be crossing roads with either one, two, or three lanes. There are also instances wherein …Read more

Calm Before The Storm

Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm is an interactive comic book series about two, warring mafia families. The police department was caught in the conflict when their commissioner married the daughter …Read more

Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai Training

Become the greatest martial arts fighter of all time in Muay Thai Training! As a young student, you’ll start your training by kicking and punching banana trees. Move from side …Read more

Spidey Swing

Spidey Swing Physics Game

Play as your favorite web-slinging superhero in Spidey Swing! In this physics-based game, you have to reach the end of the level by swinging across buildings and avoiding obstacles. You …Read more

Hamster Roll

Hamster Roll

Feed the hungry hamster! Hamster Roll is a pachinko-style game wherein you’ll help an adorable critter collect seeds. Once you drop the hamster, watch it bounce around the pins! Make …Read more


Isometric Shooter Game

Care for some casual shoot ’em up? Play Isometric today! Set in an urban battlefield, you’ll be the captain of the red or blue team. You win the round if …Read more

Pixel Puzzle Math

Math Pixel Puzzle

Math Pixel Puzzle is an educational game that helps improve spatial awareness. Players need to rotate the scattered pixels so that they can form one big image. The images can …Read more


Pongis Ball Game

Pongis is a ball game that plays that is both adorable and challenging. Similar to football, players need to shoot the ball towards the opponent’s goal while defending their own. …Read more


Freethrow Basketball Game

Shoot that hoop! In Freethrow, you’ll be competing against other players online in an intense one-on-one free throw basketball match. Each successful shot will give you two points. The player …Read more