Our mission is simple – we bring the best HTML5 games to you.

We have a team that researches the internet for fun, engaging games. We boil it down to extremely simple terms for our viewers.

What’s a HTML5 game?

A HTML5 game is one that is built according to the HTML5 standard.  Since it’s now a common standard, a HTML5 game can run on 99.99% of modern day devices. This includes desktop computing devices, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and more.

In short, HTML5 games offers cross-platform compatibility.

Why HTML5 games?

Imagine the old days, where games are built specifically for one platform. For example, an iOS game is built in Objective C, requiring the time and effort of someone versatile in iOS Objective-C programming. To make the game run on Android, it would have to be re-programmed from scratch, requiring yet another developer proficient in Java.

With HTML5, development takes place entirely using Javascript and HTML5 elements. This saves a lot of time and cost, resulting in massive cost savings for companies and clients.

Why should I be interested?

If you’re a company interested in acquiring HTML5 games, this website is the place to source for the latest innovation and talent.

Can I license the games?

Yes, some of the games here can be licensed. Please visit our partner MarketJS.com to purchase game licenses. Remember to mention “HTML5Games.net” to the team, to receive a special deal.


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