Touch and Dodge – Reflex Game

Run away from the dungeon monsters! Touch and Dodge is a simple reflex game where you collect gemstones. Once you start moving, you cannot remove your finger from the screen …Read more

Pop the Virus – Idle Clicker

Don’t let the COVID-19 virus spread! In Pop the Virus, your mission is to destroy all the nasty cells before the timer runs out.  The corona viruses comes in various …Read more

Ball Puzzle Game

Startet – Ball Puzzle

Don’t get caught in a loop! Startet is a ball puzzle that will surely make you dizzy. The goal is to avoid touching the lines. The ball that you’re controlling …Read more

Meteor Rain – Tower Defense

Earth doesn’t need more craters! Save your planet from utter destruction in Meteor Rain! In this tower defense game, you are Earth’s strongest defense against a barrage of asteroids. Ride …Read more