Kuebiko – Interactive Novel

Kuebiko is an interactive novel with pages that are filled with action and violence. The game’s title is derived from an actual word, which means being exhausted from doing senseless …Read more


Ballrog – Breackout Game

Smash colorful bricks in Ballrog! This is a colorful take on the classic Breakout game.  Use the ball to break all the bricks on top of the screen. Make sure …Read more

Nugget Royale

Nugget Royale – Chicken Brawl

Prepare yourself for the craziest cockfighting in Nugget Royale! In this MOBA game, 80 chickens will gather in a futuristic coop.  The goal is to not fall off the edge …Read more

Glowing Abyss

Glowing Abyss – Egg Hunting

Dare to go egg hunting undersea? Play Glowing Abyss! In this arcade game, players must dive deep into the depths of the sea to recover fish eggs. Thankfully, you’re the …Read more

Escape Room

Escape Room – Dungeon Crawler

Test your wits in the Escape Room! This dungeon crawler game is set in Arturo’s, the coolest barbershop/cafe/escape room in town.  Players must interact with various objects in the room …Read more

Knife Dart – Reflex Game

At first glance, Knife Dart seems like a simple reflex game. After all, it’s just about throwing knives at a rotting log. However, you’ll discover that it has interesting challenges, …Read more