Desert Rally

Desert Rally is a third person HTML5 racing game racing game where you control your buggy as it speeds through the dunes with the goal of staying on course as …Read more

Shark Attack

Play a hungry shark. Prey on other wildlife, divers, ships and more. Don’t forget to collect air pockets, or you’ll run out of air. Perform certain actions to receive awards. …Read more

Metal Animal

Metal animals, en guard! Ride on your cool tank, manage your troop of cute animals, and defend against the evil onslaught of enemies. Use coins earned to upgrade your crew …Read more

Street Racing Mania

Ready, set go! Floor the pedal, hit the brakes. Race against other cars in this exciting racing simulation. Earn cash from winning races, and use them to purchase stronger cars. …Read more

Unicorn Jump

Play as a cool unicorn. Make your way past the crystal obstacles and collect points. Redeem your points at the store to receive very cool powerups. Comes with a cool …Read more

Super Flappy Kitty

Super kitty is flying through space. Flap your way past the asteroid rocks, collect balls of yarn. Careful, the asteroids gaps become tighter as your progress. Visit the store to purchase …Read more

Rub My Belly Kitty

Kitty needs some good belly rub. Touch and drag the belly of the cute kitty, and watch it react. Fill up the happiness bar to receive a super cute kitty …Read more

Rope Launch Party

Play as Buffa the oversized zombie. Launch your colleague, the tiny Lucifer to the hamburger. Measure the rope, and adjust the power of the throw to land precisely on the hamburger. …Read more

Zombie Toaster Jump

Pero the tiny hungry zombie needs food! Launch Pero from the toaster, and collect as many food items as possible: Ham, cheese, pickles, tomatoes, salad and more! Score as many points possible …Read more

Underground Escape

Play as Bob the miner. A giant drill is threatening to end all humanity. Using your fast reflexes, escape from the drill by jumping on the neighbouring platforms. Use your …Read more

Polygon Battle

Grab your ship and fight against thousands of enemies in this classic top down shooter! Pick up power ups and get upgrades to reach the top of the leaderboard! Controls: …Read more


Try to drive your car as long as possible in 4 fun game modes: free ride, challenge, time attack, and no crash. Choose your car color and settings, and hit …Read more


Cosmic alien invaders are only a few steps away from achieving their evil designs, and you must step into the shoes of the hero to prevent the doom. But then, …Read more

Save the Sun

Eccentric presidents, fascinating script, and loads of shooting – these are the perfect ingredients of a great HTML5 gaming session. Let Save The Sun be a staple diet for your …Read more

Scorched Surf

If you have got bored of slaying all the odd looking creatures in the other games, then the little devil hungry for points will give you a fresh change. Manage …Read more

Submarine Escape

You don’t mind the odd adventure, do you? You’ll love the challenges that this game throws at every step you take towards escape. Steering this submarine is certainly not easy, …Read more