Time Hammer

Jump, dodge, smash the heck out of enemies, and have fun doing all this while – that’s what Time Hammer is for. A plot driven game is not exactly what …Read more


How about a robo fight? Robots are fascinating devices, and if you add a little emotion, a little anger, and little violence into the mix, you have a cracker of …Read more

Boba Jet

With your brother in enemy captivity, there’s hardly anything that can stop you from blowing anything apart; anything that separates you and your captive brother. Your jetpack and gun are …Read more


The skies are rife with trouble yet again, and you are in the middle of the mayhem, with only your navigational skills and the X key to guide you past …Read more

Project GEA

Ever came across the term ‘partitrons’? Let this game be your introduction to amazing partitrons, which are unique black holes. Now, why are these important for you? Well, you can …Read more

Zombie Escape

Take your car and escape from the zombie apocalypse! Just try not to break your car or run out of gas! The game also works on mobile devices. Controls: Arrow …Read more

Plingi Juggle

Try to save as many raisins as possible by moving your web trampoline! Controls: left and right arrow keys Developed by: Gambet Studio

Space Fight

Get your laser gun and jetpack and destroy the enemy base! But be careful, a whole army is defending it! Controls: X to go up, C to shoot Developed by: …Read more

Dungeon Sweep

Explore the catacombs in this action-packed adventure game! Hack and slash your way through a variety of monsters, equip a unique set of special abilities, and challenge the Master Wizard! …Read more

Haunted Gardens

In Haunted Gardens, you have to pick up all items and then reach the exit, without being caught by zombies. You can also drink potions to run faster for a …Read more


Welcome to a world of variety. Welcome to this new avatar of Pong gaming. Make the ball cross the yellow line in the opponent�s territory, and get awarded a point. …Read more

Pong Out

With this game, the count of addictive Pong games in the HTML5 scheme of things increases by one. You need to keep a whole bunch of balls in check, and …Read more

Unholy Raid

Tower Defense Games can never be out of favour with enthusiastic gamers. Enemies from hell are on their way to attack you. To go to the next level, you need …Read more

Epic Tic Tac Toe

It is time for a meeting with characters that you thought never existed. Epic Tic Tac Toe takes you to a world of zombies. The funny antics of the characters …Read more

Boulder Dash

We bring back the memories of your childhood computer gaming and re-introduce you to something you thought you had seen the last of. The game is called Boulder Dash, and …Read more