Of late, so many HTML5 games in categories like shooting and puzzle  have emerged that a majority of HTML5 gamers would be praying for some fresh ones. X-Wing comes across …Read more

Northern Retreat

Northern retreat is a vertical battlefield where you guide your warrior through the labyrinthine tracks infested with fellaz with evil designs. You’ll need all the help possible from your friends …Read more

Hellboy: Fist of Doom

Hellboy: Fist of Doom is a Fighting game. It is a 2D fighting game. Your objective is to defeat as many monsters as you can. With a cool combination of …Read more

HTML5 Hellboy

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Nano Tanks

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Brain Snackers

Brain Snackers is an isometric 3D game, though we’re not sure you care for that! However, you might just be interested in knowing that there are loads of zombies waiting …Read more

Snow Bound

Snowy surroundings are a treat to the eye and soul anyways, and even more so when you are given a snowboard to show some of your snowboarding skills that you …Read more


  Warimals is the first HTML5 Facebook game, and is based on the intriguing and eternal battle between cats and dogs. You can choose either of the roles when you …Read more