Angry Chef – Fruit Slicing

Love slicing watermelons all day? Try the Angry Chef! Watermelons will roll towards the chef. Slice them away before they hit your character! As you progress, more watermelons will roll …Read more


Space Drift – Space Racing

Take your spaceship for an intense ride in Space Drift! The goal is to reach the finish line while completing each level objective. To increase your speed, let the boosters …Read more


Defentures – Turn-Based RPG

Lead a band of amazing dwarves in Defentures! This is a turn-based RPG that is set in the war-torn land of Defendaria. Play with various types of dwarves, each with their …Read more

dungeon nightmares

Dungeon Nightmare RPG

Explore a creepy lair in Dungeon Nightmare! Armed with only a torch, find your way to the next room. Make sure that you refill your torch before it runs out. …Read more

Spinball – Top Spinning Duel

Play Spinball to stop an impending apocalypse! This is an arcade game wherein two players will duel to become their magical tops called Quantum Gyroblade. You can choose from a …Read more

Wizard Duels

Wizard Duels – Card Strategy

Rule over magic in Wizard Duels! Players will engage in a summoning duel in this card strategy game. You have several minions at your disposal, each with their own unique stats. …Read more


Fencing – Sword Duel

Show off your sword-slashing skills in Fencing! This is an 8-bit game wherein you can play with up to four players, or have a one-on-one duel with an AI. You …Read more