Brain games


Trixology – Block Puzzle

Let’s stack colorful bricks! Trixology is a classic block puzzle game wherein you try to fit bricks with different shapes on a grid. The pieces will fall randomly.  Arrange the …Read more

Soulshape – Block Puzzle

Move those blocks! Soulshape is a block puzzle featuring a ghost that can possess tiles. The goal is to move the blocks towards the dotted area. When you possess a …Read more

Memory Game

Memory Game – Color Puzzle

Follow the leader! In this color puzzle game, you need to follow the AI’s movements. The tiles will start to blink randomly. Afterward, you need to tap the tiles in …Read more

Plugged – Puzzle Adventure

Time to recharge! In Plugged, you’ll be helping two robots reach the socket so they can recharge. The challenge is that their movements are exactly alike. Although they’ll be walking …Read more

Ball Puzzle Game

Startet – Ball Puzzle

Don’t get caught in a loop! Startet is a ball puzzle that will surely make you dizzy. The goal is to avoid touching the lines. The ball that you’re controlling …Read more