Brain games

To herd

To Herd – Herding Simulator

Do you have what it takes to be the alpha? Show your dominance in To Herd! In this herding simulator game, you’re reincarnated as a hunting dog. Use  your dominating …Read more

super hexaclone

Super Hexaclone – Reflex Game

Try not to get dizzy in Super Hexaclone! In this reflex game, you have to guide the ball towards the hexagon’s opening without touching the lines. The hexagons will vary …Read more

Gravity Arrows – Physics Game

Defy the laws of physics in Gravity Arrows! In this physics game, you need to help your character escape dungeons with a messed-up gravity. Each dungeon will have boxes indicating …Read more

Arcandies – Matching Puzzle

Who wants to escape in this candy world? Arcandies is a matching puzzle where you place little candies on big ones to escape each level. The candies must be similar …Read more

Deadly Golf

Deadly Golf – Golf Puzzle

How can a casual round of golf puzzle end up being dangerous? In Deadly Golf, you won’t just be worried about shooting the ball in the hole. You also have to …Read more