Brain games


Numlock – Math Puzzle

Don’t let the hand catch you! In Numlock, you’ll help a cube escape the room by solving some challenging number puzzles. Add or multiply the numbers to reach your goal. …Read more

Molecules – Sequence Puzzle

Discover the secrets of an alien lifeform in Molecules! In this sequence puzzle, humanity has discovered extraterrestrial life in the form of 32 molecules. Your goal is to explore the …Read more

Statues – Color Puzzle

Solve a fun color puzzle in Statues! The goal is to collect all stones at each level. You’ll be controlling multiple characters to do this task, but they can’t move …Read more


Parking Spaces – Block Puzzle

Test your parking skills in Parking Spaces! This is a simple but fun block puzzle game wherein you have to park multiple cars without crashing other cars or barricades. Each vehicle is marked …Read more

Mow It – Tile Puzzle

Mowing the lawn in real life is tedious. But in Mow It, this simple task will surely be exciting! Trim all the grass without tripping over your lawn mower’s electric …Read more


Que – Reflex Game

Dish out awesome poses in Que! The goal is to make your avatar imitate the poses that appear on the screen. The game may seem simple, but it will surely …Read more

Time Twist

Time Twist – Platform Puzzle

Fulfill your dreams of becoming a time traveler in Time Twist! Using a magical hourglass, you can leap through time and meet your past selves. Together, solve tricky paradox puzzles …Read more


Dodge the Blocks

Can you survive the attack of the blocks? In Dodge the Blocks, your goal is to survive a wave of block attacks for as long as you can. Each wave …Read more