Brain games


Dodge the Blocks

Can you survive the attack of the blocks? In Dodge the Blocks, your goal is to survive a wave of block attacks for as long as you can. Each wave …Read more

Real Dystopia

Real Dystopia

In Real Dystopia, you are the beacon of hope that will guide the people to safety. Using several tools, you have to build different structures to help them move from …Read more

Polar Pioneer

Polar Pioneer Adventure RPG

Polar Pioneer is an RPG about space explorers who discovered a deadly substance called the zero-molecule. Your goal is to prevent the harmful molecules from escaping the station and infecting …Read more

Witch Crossword – Word Puzzle

Solve word puzzles to escape a spooky forest in Witch Crossword! The witch of the forest offers several riddles that’ll test your inner wordsmith. She can give descriptions, pictures, or …Read more

Quidget The Wonderwiener

Quidget The Wonderwiener

Use science to find romance in Quidget the Wonderwiener! You play as a dog scientist who wants to impress his ninja girl friends with exciting presents. This crafting game offers …Read more

Impossible Snake Game

If you’ve grown up playing Snake, then you’ll surely love playing Impossible Snake! At first, playing this can feel simple as you only need to eat apples to make the …Read more