rogue jack

Rogue Jack – Card-Based RPG

Duel with monsters through cards in Rogue Jack! In this dungeon crawler, you play as a brave knight who is out to destroy evil. You won’t be destroying monsters with …Read more

Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades – Card RPG

Defeat all the forest monsters in Jack of Spades! This game combines the fun elements of turn-based RPG and cards.  Explore a forest that’s infested with monsters. Use your deck …Read more

Teen Patti web game

Teen Patti

There are dozens of Poker card game variations in existence. The most popular version in India and South Asia would have to be Teen Patti (“Three Cards” in English). A …Read more

Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire is a new take on an old classic card game brought to your screen. With fresh graphics and random generation, that means you’ll get a new and individual …Read more

Battle Monster

Have you ever wanted to own your own collection of pet monsters? Now you can. Match gems and defeat evil monsters. Use the points earned, to further upgrade your own entourage …Read more


This is as good as any Solitaire buffet can get. You have an extensive menu of 19 different Solitaire flavours in this game. From Vegas to Monte Carlo, you are …Read more

video poker

Poker addicts can never turn down a challenge, and this game pits you against the clever computer. Play this online poker game and try to increase your available credit to …Read more

Jack bytes

With $10,000 of initial amount, there is all the scope to make it big in this poker game. Get all the doses of gambling without the actual risks of losing …Read more

7 Spade

Card gaming can never be out of fashion, and this new HTML5 game brings home the assertion with flying colours. You get to play against 3 computer opponents in this …Read more