Snake Chef

Snake Chef – Cooking Puzzle

Having no arms won’t stop you from making tasty dishes! Snake Chef is a cooking puzzle that’s based on the classic mobile game. Instead of just gobbling food, you’ll cook …Read more


Trixology – Block Puzzle

Let’s stack colorful bricks! Trixology is a classic block puzzle game wherein you try to fit bricks with different shapes on a grid. The pieces will fall randomly.  Arrange the …Read more

Oh Snake

Oh Snake! – Endless Runner

Your favorite mobile game just got a cool techno upgrade! Oh Snake! is an endless runner version featuring the iconic, hungry reptile. Instead of just eating a small dot on …Read more

Probably Poker

Probably Poker – Card Game

Try your luck to win the pot! Probably Poker works similar to popular card games that you play. However, the difference is that the suites in each deck are already …Read more

Soulshape – Block Puzzle

Move those blocks! Soulshape is a block puzzle featuring a ghost that can possess tiles. The goal is to move the blocks towards the dotted area. When you possess a …Read more

Exp Parasite – Retro Adventure

Relive the glory days of the classic arcade! Exp Parasite is a retro-themed adventure game featuring a slug. Don’t be fooled by its weak appearance though, because it can latch …Read more

Abyss Meal – Underwater Survival

What’s lurking under the depths of the sea? Abyss Meal is a feeding game where you control a mechanized fish. Chase smaller fish to recharge your vehicle. However, some creatures …Read more