Brickout! is a HTML5 version of the famous brick game. You have to destroy everything to clear the levels. The game also features several power-ups such as nukes and lasers, …Read more

Space Dodger

Space Dodger is a simple game: you control a spaceship through an environment full of asteroids, and you have to survive as long as possible. Dangerous flying style will help …Read more

Snake Nyan Cat

Snake Nyan Cat is a combination of the famous snake game, and the annoying Nyan Cat. You are controlling the Nyan Cat across a small level, and the goal is …Read more

Classic Solitaire

Card games have always been favourites among those looking for some good gaming. Classic Solitairetakes a cue from this and comes up with the play ground infested with cards from …Read more

Office Snake

Everybody knows how to play the game Snake, and here we have a very good implementation of this classic game. In addition to the classic mode there is also a …Read more

Tic Tac Toe

Remember those classes when all the stuff churned out by your professor fell on deaf ears, no because you could not understand, but because you were busy doing some hard …Read more

3D Slot Machine

From the game labs of Spacegoo comes the slution to the gambling desires you always had, but could not pursue because of petty reasons such as lack of cash. Starting …Read more

HTML5 Breakout

HTML5 Canvas Breakout is an HTML5 demo of the class brick/breakout game. Nobody can possibly get bored of new games based on the classic context of breaking bricks.  According to …Read more

HTML5 Tetris

This is an HTML5 version of the classic puzzle game Tetris. Developed by: B Garcia

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN is an awesome HTML5 version of the classic PACMAN game. What makes this version so awesome, however, is that users can create their own maps and share …Read more


  Put together by Grant Skinner, this superb game lets you explore the potential of HTML5 and your browser. The game play lets you take the fascinating role of pirates …Read more

Wizard Wars

  This is a simple and fun filled HTML5 game where the player has to quickly respond to the periodic bursts of gold stars in the screen. Once the player …Read more

Google Pacman

An HTML5 Pacman game released as a Google Doodle on the 30th anniversary of the popular game   Developed by: Paul Macek.

Classic Bricks

A simple brick and ball game to be played with the mouse and keyboard. This is a simple demonstration of how an HTML5 game can be.   Developped by: Bill …Read more