Type N' Conquer

Type N’ Conquer PvP Word Game

Engage in an exciting word war with other players in Type N’ Conquer! In this multiplayer typing game, the goal is to conquer as many nodes as you can and purge other …Read more

New York Jigsaw Puzzle

New York Jigsaw Puzzle

Create pretty pictures of America’s iconic city in New York Jigsaw Puzzle! The game features a lot of New York’s most scenic destinations such as Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Downtown …Read more


BBC iRepoter Fake News Game

To educate young viewers about the dangers of fake news, BBC launched a game called iReporter. In this game, players will investigate news reports and identify if their facts are …Read more

Pixel Puzzle Math

Math Pixel Puzzle

Math Pixel Puzzle is an educational game that helps improve spatial awareness. Players need to rotate the scattered pixels so that they can form one big image. The images can …Read more

Learn German Basic Skills Game

Learn German Basic Skills Game

Learn German Basic Skills is a fun way to learn a new language. This educational game is composed of three lessons that promote active recall of common German words. Some …Read more

Guess The USA State Game

Guess the USA State

Guess the USA State trivia game will test your knowledge of America’s capitals, cities, and landmarks. You need to answer 10 questions per round by clicking the correct state found on the …Read more

Arty Mouse Build Me Game

Arty Mouse – Build Me

Arty Mouse – Build Me is a fun and colorful game that can also help sharpen kids’ memory skills. It features the cute and adorable characters from the wonderful art …Read more

Funny Faces - featured image

Funny Faces

How fast can you reconstruct each face? Funny Faces is a fun interactive memory game where you have to remember and reconstruct various faces. You have 5 seconds to memorize …Read more

Colourny featured image


Imagine a world as your canvas, but first you have to gather materials from the different resources in the world. Colourny is a very fun puzzle-simulation game where you have …Read more