Pixagle is a Difference game. It is a basic differences game. Your objective is to spot all the differences. Bring your color sensitivity to the fore as try to extract …Read more

Bunniez Extreme

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Liberty Differences

Liberty Differences is a Difference game. There is something about this concept that unfailingly manages to keep gamers hooked on.  It is a basic differences game. Your objective is to …Read more

Scary Places

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Coil is a very cool HTML5 game that requires speed using your mouse. Your goal is to destroy enemies by enclosing them in the trail formed by your tail. Enemies …Read more

Google HTML5 Guitar

Google strikes again, this time with an HTML5 interactive guitar as its logo. The guitar will remain on the Google homepage but only for 24 hours. It was created to …Read more

Lunar Rescue

Lunar Rescue is an addictive HTML5 game. You need to save the stranded scientists by navigating your spaceship and landing on the space pads. You’ll need to maneuver carefully and …Read more

Bubble Hit

Bubble Hit is the classic bubble-pop game created with HTML5. The colorful screen cheers you up and sets the mood for the gaming session. Shoot the bubbles at other like-colored …Read more

T-Crisis 3 100 Percent A.I.

Play an awesome remake of Tetris. Game plays directly in your browser. Game features computer opponents, sound effects, music, multiple game modes and more. There is a lot to expore …Read more

Letter Bubbles!

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“Ginger” Manipulation

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Bombsville challenges to escape the shower fo explosives and the downpour that follows it. Are you game for the challenge? This is one of those games you can turn to …Read more

Gomoku online

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Go, Fish!

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Super Rainbow Reef

Super Rainbow Reef is one of those games you can turn to in your hours of boredom that seem to linger on forever into a joy ride of entertainment.Your objective …Read more