Siren Song

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Ne Touchez Pas

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Angry Anna

Anna Hazare is angry, and he wants to get rid of all the rascals impeding the progress of his country through their corrupt practices. And you can help him do …Read more

Squirrel’s Life

Squirrel’s Life lets you do exactly what it ought to, i.e. , let you live the life of a squirrel! The game is too cute to ignore when you are …Read more


Ribbon is as simple a game as HTML5 can possibly offer, and the fact that it does so without losing out on the entertainment value makes it worth more than …Read more

WebGL Cars

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Snakes In Space

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Victors United

Victors United is a game that lets you cmpete on a global scale. It is a wonderful experience playing this trendy and sleek little game from Prospective Interactive. Competition becomes …Read more


Though the kitties you see in CATcher are not the most adorable ones you’ll come across, but surely you’ll love them when catching hold of one would send your scores …Read more

Spike Dislike Lite

Spikes and bouncing balls do not quite gel together, and this is the crux of Spike Dislike Lite. You control the bouncing ball and then ensure that it stays away …Read more