Balloon Typer

Balloon Typer is as cute and cool as it can possibly get with HTML5. This game builds on the wonderful idea if roping in a typing speed test and mapping …Read more

Galaxy Conquest

Galaxy Conquest is your peek into the world of dazzling lights. Your screen soon turns into a whole canvas of colours as the game unleashes itslef on you. This is …Read more


Bumps Arcade introduces you to the wide eyed small bumps that you need to manipulate in order to advance in the game. The idea is to position the individual bump …Read more

Tiny Balls

Tiny Balls is not just any other game! This super cool and stylish HTML5 package is bound to make you fall in love with the game. The goal is to …Read more


Tombed is right up your alley if games that test your reflexes manage to interest you. Tombed requires the player to be in firm control at all moments. It is …Read more


Blinkwang is a crazy and cool HTML5 game that makes you look at your blink like you never did before. You are greeted by a timer counting down from 3. …Read more

Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop is a test of your speed and agility. No, it is not a racing game. Bubble Pop requires you to click on the blue coloured bubbles that emerge …Read more


Jitterbugs is graphically endowed enough to send jitters down the spines of all the sophisticated flash games, and is a good exhibition of the powers of HTML5. Perfectly suited for …Read more


JSLander requires you to bring to the fore your deftness of touch and understanding of the rules of the game. You need to land your aircraft safely and that is …Read more


Fontanero features the classic 4 bit graphics, which has been a result of the endeavours of the developers to keep a tab on the size of the game. You progress …Read more

Canvas Pinball

The word when Canvas Pinball was launched was that it was Microsoft’s attempt at showcasing the HTML5 capabilities of the Internet Explorer browser. However, Canvas Pinball is much more than …Read more


BrickIt takes a cue from the ever so popular Bricks game and gives an HTML5 version of the same to all the crazy new age gamer who like it served …Read more


Loulodia is a exceedingly cute and classy HTML5 game where you play the role of bee, something you have not had the chance of doing for a long time. You …Read more

Venture Crapital

So you’ve been always interested in money, business, investing, returns on investment, and all such things. Well, you just found a perfect game, custom built to suit your tastes. Venture …Read more

ePig Dash

ePig Dash is another addition to the lively ePig game series and quite easily one of the better ones. You need to jump over islands and keep on doing this …Read more