season shift

Season Shift – Adventure Platformer

Collect all the acorns in Season Shift! In this adventure platformer, you’ll follow Schrodinger the squirrel. You’ll help hem travel across various seasons to collect acorns. You won’t lose a …Read more

plastic portals

Plastic Portals – 3D Puzzle

Learn to pick up trash in Plastic Portals! This 3D puzzle is set in a household, where excess plastic usually piles up. Connected to the kitchen is the sea. Whenever …Read more

solo pong

Solo Pong – Retro Classic

Solo Pong is a brand new take on the classic pong game. Instead of destroying blocks, players only need to catch the ball with the paddle. The paddle can only move …Read more

Tokyo Snap – Picture Puzzle

Explore Japan in Tokyo Snap! This is a fun picture puzzle wherein you explore the bustling city of Tokoyo to take various photos. You have one week to capture all …Read more

Jack of Spades

Jack of Spades – Card RPG

Defeat all the forest monsters in Jack of Spades! This game combines the fun elements of turn-based RPG and cards.  Explore a forest that’s infested with monsters. Use your deck …Read more

Pogo Kids

Pogo Kids – Jumping PvP

Engage in a fun pogo match in Pogo Kids! In this casual game, these youngsters are trying to outjump each other.  You can choose which of the two kids you …Read more

Reverse Bros.

Reverse Bros – Maze Puzzle

The Reverse Bros are ready to collect some treasure! In this maze puzzle, each brother must get the treasure similar to their color.  The challenge here is that the black …Read more

Star Blitz

Star Blitz – Physics Puzzle

Star Blitz is a Physics puzzle wherein you roll a ball to collect all the stars in each level.   You can’t control the ball’s movement. Instead, you can place walls. …Read more

K-438B – Space Platformer

Amazing discoveries await you in planet K-438b! In this space platformer, you will be collecting data from this new planet. However, its inhabitants aren’t as friendly as they seem. Use …Read more