Bouncing Bob

You are a responsible citizen and a helpful fellow, we know. Bouncing Bob needs your help this time. Make him get his catnip fix as soon as you possibly can …Read more

Fruit Killer

This is the HTML5 version of the renowned Fruit Ninja you have played several times on your handheld devices. The goal remains simple as always. Slice as many fruits as …Read more


Gamers often find themsleves in need of a quick gaming session and some warm up for the routines of the day. This game is the best option if you happen …Read more

Merry La Mort

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Christmas Rush

It might not be Christmas time every time you play this game, but you would not mind the fact that you get to play the most elusive role ever – …Read more


Puttopia lets you fly with your wings in the sense that you decide a lot of the game’s course yourself. This is a really fine HTML5 game of Minigolf where …Read more

Speedy Pig | The Impossible Rush

It’s Pig vs Bee in this crazy rush. Lose no time and get down to real gaming right away. Hit the Space Bar key to make a jump, and you …Read more

Newton’s Tower

This is the time to defy gravity. This is the time to re-write the rules of architecture and design. This is the time to summon all those tricks you used …Read more

Canvas Pong

We give to you the perfect companion in the times of your boredom. When the demons of boredom get too much to handle on those strange evenings of the weekdays, …Read more

The fall

How many times have you been frustrated with motivational talks asking you to defy gravity and rise up? Well, we let you do what you do best. Obey gravity and …Read more

Colors in Space

Welcome to a world of colours and a world of fun with Colors in Space. This is an easy and entertaining online game where you just need to click all …Read more

The Jumper

Platform gaming is a guaranteed entertainer, and when it is served to you with the spices of an HTML5 game, the pleasure attains new levels. Jump from one platform to …Read more

Bloody Asteroids

Destroying asteroids in a game is not the most unique experience you can get, considering that there are dozens of such games bundled in lonely corners of the Internet. However, …Read more

Crax Mission

Being a burglar is not a child’s play. There is always the risk of being arrested by the police. You still don’t mind a shot at being a burglar, at …Read more

Forklift Yard

This game takes to a world of a forklift driver, a person you thought never existed! You’ll get a first hand experience of the skills required in the seemingly simple …Read more