Cyberplatform – Action Platformer

Save your human friend in Cyberplatform! In this action platformer, you play as RU57, a robot spacecraft. Even though you look rusty, you’re still determined to help people.  Your mission …Read more

Shrubnaut – Maze Puzzle

Explore a vast space garden in Shrubnaut. Use your grappling hook to latch onto walls and reach the exit.  The maze puzzle can be confusing, but there’s a map that …Read more

Tricky Cow

Tricky Cow – Puzzle Platformer

Cows aren’t just good for meat and dairy, they’re also great problem solvers! Tricky Cow is a puzzle platformer wherein you have to jump or run through platforms to solve …Read more


B-Set – Adventure Platformer

Use the power of friendship to reach your dreams in B-Set! In this adventure platformer, you need to seek encouragement from your friends to gain power. More power means you …Read more