Embryo – Puzzle Adventure

Work your way through a creepy science lab in Embryo, a puzzle adventure game! You play as an artificial that just woke up in a strange facility. The place is …Read more

Year of Ruin – Brain Teaser

Use teamwork to solve the brain teasers in Year of Ruin! You’ll be controlling a group of four characters, each with their own unique abilities. You have a character for …Read more

Lost – Puzzle Adventure

Enter the colorful and chaotic world of Lost! In this puzzle adventure, players must escape this tiny world that is cramped with various objects. You can control your character and …Read more

the only platform

The Only Platform

Jump like crazy in The Only Platform! This is a unique platformer wherein you only need to cross one platform. However, it vanishes every few seconds and will respawn in …Read more

Gravity Control – Maze Puzzle

Bend gravity to your will! Gravity Control is a maze puzzle wherein you use the powers of gravity to transport the astronaut into the wormhole. Guiding the astronaut is tricky …Read more