Stickman Swing – Swing Game

Build your momentum and swing! Stickman Swing is a side-scrolling swing game that will test your acrobatic skills. Latch the strings on the handle then swing. You cannot change the …Read more


Hue Cat – Adventure Platformer

Hue Cat is an adventure platformer where you collect fish and travel around exciting destinations. Eating fish will grant you special powers and unlock new friends to play with.  Enemies …Read more

K-438B – Space Platformer

Amazing discoveries await you in planet K-438b! In this space platformer, you will be collecting data from this new planet. However, its inhabitants aren’t as friendly as they seem. Use …Read more


Rush – Action Platformer

Explroe the colorful forest of Rush! This a low-stakes action platformer wherein you have to help a fox collect apples in each level. Avoid various animals such as frogs and …Read more

letter run

Letter Run – Word Game

Spell words and avoid obstacles in Letter Run! This is a fun word game with elements of a platformer. Players need to collect the letters to spell the word on …Read more

Why Mars

Why Mars? – Platformer Puzzle

Why Mars? is a platformer puzzle about a man who just got out of prison. Complete various quests, explore his surroundings and teach him about the beauty of life.  Your …Read more

Koala Sling – Climbing Game

Help your furry friend reach the top in Koala Sling! Drag the koala and swing around in this climbing game. Along the way, you can collect coins and cool powerups. …Read more

Pucamuc – Retro Platformer

Puc is a retro-themed platformer featuring Puck. Help him avoid various obstacles to buy an iFone. This little fellow can only jump, which can cause a lot of trouble when …Read more

Timecurser – 3D Adventure

Wield the power of time in Timecurser. In this 3D Adventure, you can clear through different obstacles by slowing them down. Your time powers can also cause these objects to …Read more