Mummy Hunter

The pyramids dead have come back to life, and it’s your job to get rid of them.  Run and jump your way into this runner game as your gun blasts …Read more

Mouse and Cheese

Here’s a fun physics game for everyone to play. Mouse needs cheese! Make the mouse touch the cheese. Remove the blocks by tapping on them. This will make the mouse …Read more

Bounce ball

How many times can you make the ball bounce before falling? Just hold left or right to move, bounce as long as possible, and try to reach the top of …Read more


Get ready for an HTML5 game of a different kind. Greenery will brighten you up, as you go about increasing the point tally of your character. You’ll use the mouse …Read more


Run as long as possible without falling, and try to avoid obstacles! Developed by: Rémi Vansteelandt


StarSaviours is a beautiful HTML5 game in which the goal is to jump from planet to planet to take the stars back to your space rocket. Developed by: Jesse Venbrux …Read more


SuperJack is a simple platform game: all you need is to click left to jump to help SuperJack travel through the levels. Developed by: Wolfgang Lueger

Empty Black

Empty Black is a three-in-one game: it is a platform, puzzle, shooting game. You control a small white square and you will have to solve some puzzles to clear all …Read more

Doodle Jump HTML5

Doodle Jump is a HTML5 version of the famous Doodle Jump game. All you have to do is to climb as high as possible without falling. Developed by: Kushagra Agarwal


Crabe Game

Crabe Game is a short adventure in which you are controlling a crab across the level, and shoot at octopuses. Controls: Move : arrow keys Jump : X Shoot : …Read more

Air Supply 1 bit Supply

It is all fun and games being a cute little alien left on its own in the skies, but things do get cmplicated (and interesting) when you need to work …Read more

they need to be fed

Monsters are bound to be the bad guys int he game, right? Not always! They need to be fed takes a lighter view of things and leaves you in a …Read more

Alex the Allegator 4

Alex the Allegator 4 is a cool HTML5 remake of the classic platform game “Alex the Allegator.” Alex’s girlfriend Lola has been abducted by some evil humans who intend at …Read more

Space Station – Rainbow

Help Commander Mitchell from the Space Station SG300 overcome his problems with gamma rays. The space dude you meet in Space Station – Rainbow is unlike any other you would …Read more


A red laser approaches you and you have to execute some quick keystokes to escape them, as contact with them means annihilation! Sounds interesting, right? Jump into the world of …Read more

Castle Capers

Castle Capers is one super cool concoction of  Horror, Platform  and Shooting. The ambience is spooky, and this shall surely strike a chord with you. The objective is to free …Read more