spacy kits

Spacy Kits – Reflex Game

Give adorable kitties a new planet in Spacey Kits! Known as the Kittenauts, these furballs will travel through space to find the ideal planet. Once you see them approaching, tilt …Read more

Lost – Puzzle Adventure

Enter the colorful and chaotic world of Lost! In this puzzle adventure, players must escape this tiny world that is cramped with various objects. You can control your character and …Read more

One Way – Maze Game

Can you escape the maze with just One Way? The goal of this maze game is to move the blue dot towards the green exit. The ball can only move …Read more

Jewels Block Puzzle

Play with shiny jewels in Jewels Block Puzzle. With infinite gameplay, players must arrange jewels on the board to create a full row of similar jewels. The jewels on a …Read more

triolink m

Triolink Color-Matching Puzzle

Triolink is a unique color-matching puzzle that emphasizes careful planning. The goal is to connect at least three similar-colored tiles. But unlike other matching puzzles, you cannot rotate the piece …Read more

gem hunter

Gem Hunter – Puzzle Adventure

Collect all the diamonds in Gem Hunter! In this puzzle adventure game, your goal is to explore an underground lair that is filled with shiny gems. You must collect the required …Read more


Wooppy – Number Puzzle

Test your addition and reflex skills in Wooppy! At first glance, this numbers puzzle seems simple as you only need to pop some circles.  However, the challenge here is that …Read more

Artificer – Crafting Game

Become a master elemental craftsman in Artificer! In this crafting game, you’ve just inherited your dad’s shop. Combine various elements together to satisfy your customers’ needs. You have a trusty …Read more

Box Tower

Box Tower – Stacking Game

Build the highest building in Box Tower! This is a stacking game wherein you create a tower using wooden blocks, which have equal sizes.  Each piece should be perfectly aligned …Read more

Escape Room

Escape Room – Dungeon Crawler

Test your wits in the Escape Room! This dungeon crawler game is set in Arturo’s, the coolest barbershop/cafe/escape room in town.  Players must interact with various objects in the room …Read more

Blackened – Color Puzzle

Blackened is a color puzzle wherein you need to turn all the white tiles into black. Once you’ve changed the tile’s color, you cannot walk on that again.  In some …Read more