full circle

Full Circle – Color Puzzle

Create the perfect circle! Full Circle is a color puzzle game where you have to move shapes around the map to form one circle. The challenge is you can’t rotate …Read more

brdg puzzle

BRDG – Block Puzzle

Build colorful bridges in BRDG! In this block puzzle, connect all the islands until you reach the next exit. The islands are surrounded by a vast ocean, so you need …Read more

pixel basher

Pixel Basher – Puzzle

Organize all the pixels! In Pixel Basher, pixels are coming to life and started moving around the board. Your goal is to keep all these squares in check. Bump into …Read more

Pixel Feelings – Match Puzzle

Add wonderful colors to your pixilated life! Pixel Feelings is a match puzzle game where you try and make the lives of other people better. When your character gets near …Read more


Encase – Geometry Puzzle

Have fun playing with shapes! Encase is a geometry puzzle where you try to create triangles in each level. The lines can be moved by rotating the nodes attached to …Read more


Prism – Action Adventure

Life without color is sad.  Add a vibrant glow to your world in Prism! In this action platformer, the goal is to reach the end of the map.  At first, …Read more

Dr. Ectomy – Surgery Puzzle

Do you have the guts to slice open a human body? Play Dr. Ectomy! In this surgery puzzle, you’ll be treating patients with bizarre medical conditions. Your job requires you …Read more

Laser League – Maze Puzzle

Gather your friends and fight evil! In this maze puzzle, join the Laser League in retrieving a stolen gem from Robber Baron. Play up to four characters. There’s Bridget who …Read more