Animals Puzzle

Match ’em and remove ’em is not exactly a new concept in puzzle games. However, Animals Puzzle is not just any other Puzzle game. Infact this gem grouping game uses …Read more

1899 Steam and Spirit

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Girls like Robots

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Creatures and Castles

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We be bankin’

There is not much to worry about when you have load’s of money, apart from gettign it deposited into the safe vaults to avoid the danger of being stolen! And …Read more

Space Wolves

You surely would not like the company of eerie werewolves in your vicinity, and this game is your perfect playground where you can shoot the daylights out of these crazy …Read more

Danger Cats!

Who does not love to hlp out cute little cats! In Danger Cats, you get ample opportunity to take the role of the cat saviour by helping the cute on …Read more


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Dangerous to “Go”

This game would most certainly surprise you, baffle you, and then please you. Dangerous to “Go” is a rather simple arcade game built on the HTML5 platform with five levels …Read more

Sweeper 5

Sweeper derives its basic idea from the classic Mine Sweeper game that took all our childhood! The fact that one wrong move would suffice in ending the attempt at securing …Read more

Word Poppers

Word Poppers is a simple to play HTML5 word game. Your screen hosts a number of alphabets floating around in the form of cute little bubbles. When ordered, the seemingly …Read more


Dodge is an entertaining HTML5 game that can help you bite off some free time in the office. You are required to move your block ensuring that the mobile platforms …Read more


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HTML5 Mine Sweeper

No brownie points for guessing as to what HTML5 Mine Sweeper would be about; yes you guessed it right, it is the good old Mine Sweeper game. The idea is …Read more


It’s time to save some energy. ‘Lights’ requires you to turn off all the lights on the screen to advance to the next level. And there are as many as …Read more


UBE is as simple and as intriguing as it can possibly get in an HTML5 game. The aim – get to the exit. The catch – use as little a …Read more