The RGB Game

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T-Crisis 3 100 pr. A.I.

T-Crisis 3 100 pr. A.I. is the good old Tetris in a new avatar. Tetris remains the grand daddy of all in the category of block placing puzzle games. And …Read more

The Google Puzzle

The Google Puzzle is another amazing addition to the list of wonderful HTML5 games that give you the perfect dose of hassle free gaming. Quite aptlynamed, this Puzzle game is …Read more

Rubik’s Cube

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Animals Puzzle

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1899 Steam and Spirit

1899 Steam and Spirit takes you as much as more than a century back in time. This Adventure/Puzzle game offers a refreshing change from the usual lot of games lauched …Read more

Girls like Robots

Girls like Robots is a different sort of Puzzle game, and this will become obvious pretty soon once you get into the play mode. In Girls like Robots, you play …Read more

Creatures and Castles

Creatures and Castles is one absolutely engrossing puzzle game to be playing. There are many levels, many treasures, many obstacles, and many enemies to attend to in the game. In …Read more

We be bankin’

There is not much to worry about when you have load’s of money, apart from gettign it deposited into the safe vaults to avoid the danger of being stolen! And …Read more