Aqua Labyrinth

There is absolutely no dearth of puzzle based HTML5 games. However, Aqua Labyrinth manages to carve out a distinct presence for itself, courtesy the pleasant outlook of the gaming screen, …Read more

Mahjong Shanghai

Developers and game makers have worked overtime to ensure that the HTML5 gaming catalogue is as expansive as that of any other gaming platform, and this is attested in the …Read more


Microsoft’s HTML5 Beauty of the Web competition has yielded quite a few interesting games, and Quattris is certainly one of them. This is the HTML5 Tetris game, with some added …Read more

Tire Twister

This puzzle game derives a lot from the ever so popular Garden Madness, and yet manages to hold on to its own. The aim of the player is to group …Read more

Chain Gang

Chain Gang is an ultra cool HTML5 game. You see a yellow box and a red box on the screen and have to go from the latter to the former. …Read more

Doodle God

Doodle God is another by product of the ‘Beauty of the Web’ competition organized by Microsoft. This is a really simple, yet interesting puzzle game and is the HTML5 version …Read more


Floret is a really cute and enthralling HTML5 game with a very simple background. The idea is to progress in the game by clearing levels, and in order to do …Read more

Angry Birds

  Yes, you heard it right; Angry Birds is available in HTML5 now. The aim is to use these fiery eyed birds as missiles and aim them at the blocks …Read more

Word Squared

  The good old Scrabble just turned HTML5! What’s amazing about this multi player game is that it was designed and compiled in less than 2 days, in a competition! …Read more

Math Mayhem

Math Mayhem is the perfect warm up you would need before the hectic day at the office, or a mathematics examination, for that matter! You are shown a total before …Read more


  Orbium is all set to put to test your reaction times and far sightedness. It takes a cue from classic block based games, just that the platter upon which …Read more


Sinuous is a fun html5 game where you are like a snake trying to avoid red dots and in the meantime you have to catch the letters to give you …Read more


In CORE, a cool html5 game, you have to defend yourself againt red bubbles arriving from everywhere and at the same time let the green bubbles hit you to restore …Read more