Bubble Reaction

Bubble Reaction is one of those bubbly and cute puzzle games that you can play for hours at a stretch without getting bored. You start with a bubble and aim …Read more

coco loco

Puzzle games are available in plenty, even under the HTML5 banner. And Coco Loco is another one of them. However, it must be counted among the top puzzle games because …Read more

The Secret of Grisly Manor

The Secret of Grisly Manor is a funky sounding HTML5 puzzler. Thankfully, it offers an equally funky game play. There is a storyline to the game. You need to scan …Read more

Zombie Drop

You know that you are in for some good entertainment when the game you are playing throws in a zombie into the mix. Zombie Drop is actually a puzzle game, …Read more

Puzzle Dozer

Puzzle Dozer is a cute puzzle based HTML5 game that is not fully available for free. However, the little that you do get in the free version is good enough …Read more

Sand Trap

You might not be impressed when told to play a game where the aim is to fill your bucket with as much sand is possible. Surely, you anticipate a catch …Read more


You’ve surely played a lot of Tetris and all its variants that have been thrown at you all these years. Even the HTML5 games catalogue is filled to the brim …Read more


KulkiWEB is a really cool exhibition of the powers of HTML5 and it uses the good old idea of making matching lines to make them disappear and gathering points. It …Read more


Soduko – it could not have been more suggestively named than this! If you have been in a habit of rendering the newspaper useless by the marks of your pen …Read more

Absorb HD

Absorb HD hands over a blue circle to you and you have your mouse to control the movements of this circle. And then you collect a whole bunch of falling …Read more


For all of those who have played and loved the classic Arkanoid game, Sketchout comes as a more than pleasant surprise with a huge list of added features. The whole …Read more

Math Mayhem

Math Mayhem is the perfect warm up you would need before the hectic day at the office, or a mathematics examination, for that matter! You are shown a total before …Read more


Though the premise of FastCat is surprisingly simplistic, it is engrossing nonetheless. There’s a sense of 3D about FastCat, and it contributes immensely to the pleasure product of the game. …Read more

Space Traffic Jam

Space puzzle games are giving all other categories a serious run for their money, and games like Space Traffic Jam are right at the top of the ladder when it …Read more

Where Is The Red

It hardly gets any more straightforward than this. At the starting of the game, you are shown three cups and a little red thing that you need to keep an …Read more

Bounce It

Hardcore gamers are never tired of beating their own bests, and this is where Bounce It comes across as an engager. The idea is to jump from one platform to …Read more