This is one game where you can not relax even for a single moment without amplifying the risks of being crushed. Walls are approaching you from the top of the …Read more


Mine3D brings your childhood favourite minesweeper to the HTML5 platform, and does so in style! There are several minesweeper games where eyverything is almost perfectly cloned from the two dimensional …Read more


There are so many puzzle games around that most of the hardcore HTML5 gamers would have grown bored by now. Transmania comes a fresh change for all such gaming freaks. …Read more

Halloween Match

It’s the time of year when things get spooky! Here we have a puzzle game where the aim is to match 3 or more of the same item either horizontally …Read more

Memory 3D

Memory 3D is an HTML5 puzzle-matching game. The game board is a 3D box with 24 different panels. Clicking a panel reveals a college sports logo, which will remain visible …Read more


“T-spin” is a puzzle game written in HTML5. It is basically a clone of the class arcade game, Tetris. It has different game modes from past games, including versions from …Read more


Lines is a simple HTML5 puzzle game. Your goal is to arrange balls of the same color in straight lines (in any direction). Whenever you get five or more balls …Read more

Vector Racer

A cute and cool racing plus puzzle game is here to alleviate your boredom. Vector Racer is a turn-based racing game. It’s an online reincarnation of a paper and pencil …Read more

Space Mahjong

Space Mahjong is a Puzzle game. Thankfully, this is not just another addition to the catalog if puzzle games in HTML5. It is a Mahjong game. Your objective is to …Read more


There are so many puzzle games around with the same old match ’em to make ’em disappear concept that most of the hardcore HTML5 gamers would have grown bored by …Read more

Puzzle Dozer lite

Puzzle Dozer lite is a Driving/Puzzle game. However, like many driving games, you do not have to blow the daylights out of the pedestrians. Intelligence becomes the fuel as you …Read more

Garden Madness

Garden Madness is an HTML5 puzzle game. Clicking with your cursor will remove the highlighted flowers. If four or more flowers of the same color end up next to each …Read more

Weapons n’ Colors

Weapons n’ Colors is a neat HTML5 puzzle game that was created for Microsoft’s HTML5 {Dev:unplugged} contest. Your goal is to make as many combinations as possible using different tiles. …Read more


Rebound is a simple yet addictive HTML5 puzzle game created with the Impact HTML5 game engine. Your goal is to shoot the ball against the walls and collect all of …Read more


Pathuku is an interesting puzzle game where you are presented with a bunch of lines that criss-crossed and the idea is to find a path that uses every line once. …Read more

Klax: Score Attack

Klax: Score Attack is a Puzzle game, but hang on a little before you decide to skip this. This is not just ‘another puzzle game’ but a really good one …Read more