Fruits vs. Veggies Tower Defense

Fend off some pesky vegetables in Fruits vs Veggies. This is a tower defense game with the mechanics of rock-paper-scissors. The goal is to send the fruits towards the fridge …Read more


Colorgy – Color Puzzle

Colorgy is a puzzle game with a fun but challenging mechanics, bright colors, and an upbeat music. The goal is to break down all the colored tiles using explosive novas. …Read more

Brick Breaker

Brick Breaker Arcade Game

Brick Breaker is a classic arcade game with a fun, modern twist. Use the ball to destroy all the bricks. Then, use the paddle to catch the ball and prevent it from …Read more


Square Puzzle Game

Square is a fun but challenging puzzle game inspired by the movie Cube. You play as a mini cyclops creature and your goal is to escape. You need to travel …Read more

Pssst Crack Em

Pssst! Crack ‘Em!

Unleash your inner computer genius in Pssst! Crack ‘Em! You have three puzzles to solve—your brother’s Windows account, school’s database, and if you’re feeling rebellious, the government. Each puzzle starts …Read more

Superhero Memory Match

Superhero Memory Match

Collect all the iconic superhero characters in Superhero Memory Match! This tile-matching game features a variety of heroes to satisfy your geeky heart. Each tile on the grid has the picture …Read more

New York Jigsaw Puzzle

New York Jigsaw Puzzle

Create pretty pictures of America’s iconic city in New York Jigsaw Puzzle! The game features a lot of New York’s most scenic destinations such as Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Downtown …Read more