The Target

The Target Tactical Shooter

A true hitman doesn’t kill the innocent! The Target is a tactical sniper hooter that requires players to find the right target. Don’t let innocent strangers get involved in your …Read more

Surgevania – Top-down Escape

Escape the deadly fortress! In Surgevania, you play as a pilot who got trapped in an enemy fortress. You also lost your memories. Explore this prison and find out the …Read more


Orbital – Space Fighter Action

Become an intergalactic hero! Orbital is a bullet hell shooter where you defend seven different planets from an alien invasion. The challenge is that you have to do this on …Read more

Hostage Rescue

Hostage Rescue – FPS Game

Fight all the terrorists! In Hostage Rescue, you need to beat the terrorists and rescue the hostages. Each level in this FPS game is set in a closed room with …Read more

Elite Swat Commander

Elite SWAT Commander – FPS Game

Don’t let the terrorists take over! In this FPS game (first-person shooter), you are the only soldier from the anti-terrorist group. Eliminate all the enemies and save the hostages. You’re …Read more

ball blast m

Ball Blast – Survival Shooter

Shoot down that ball! Ball Blast is a survival shooter wherein your opponent is a giant monster sphere. Drive around to avoid getting crushed. Your vehicle has a built-in gun …Read more

x zero m

X-Zero – Retro Shooter

Destroy all enemies! X-Zero is a retro-inspired shooter where you play as a lone warrior. Your mission is to find the hive mind’s chamber and destroy it. The enemy base …Read more