Villager – Build Your City!

This island is now ready for occupancy! In Villager, you start as a chieftain of an island. Gather resources like wood and stone to create buildings. These buildings will produce …Read more

On Guard

On Guard – Tower Defense

All monsters shall not pass! On Guard is a retro-style tower defense game without any towers. Instead, you’ll be sending out different units to face your enemies.  Aside from your …Read more

Kitty Pawpera – Musical Game

Dance to the rhythm! Kitty Pawpera is a musical game featuring a kitten quartet. Harmonize with their singing by tapping the correct keys at the right time. If you manage …Read more

Fishy River

Fishy River – Fishing Game

Let’s catch the biggest fish! Fishy River is a casual fishing game for those who enjoy water adventures. Explore a river that’s filled with exotic creatures.  Once you caught a …Read more