Pixel Feelings – Match Puzzle

Add wonderful colors to your pixilated life! Pixel Feelings is a match puzzle game where you try and make the lives of other people better. When your character gets near …Read more

Dr. Ectomy – Surgery Puzzle

Do you have the guts to slice open a human body? Play Dr. Ectomy! In this surgery puzzle, you’ll be treating patients with bizarre medical conditions. Your job requires you …Read more

To herd

To Herd – Herding Simulator

Do you have what it takes to be the alpha? Show your dominance in To Herd! In this herding simulator game, you’re reincarnated as a hunting dog. Use  your dominating …Read more


Nanopesos – Budget Simulator

Put your budgeting skills to the test in Nanopesos! In this simulator, you play as a struggling student in Chile. Budget your pesos to pay the right, transportation, and other …Read more