Agro Island – Farming Game

Become an agricultural mogul in Agro Island! In this farming game, you can select from three classes – smallholder, company, and conservationist. Each character has their own goals for winning …Read more

Road Builder

Road Builder – Road Puzzle

Keep the drivers safe in Road Builder! In this road puzzle, you need to create pavements to ease traffic and prevent any car crashes.  More cars will spawn as you …Read more

Ant Smash – Tower Defense

Defend your home from a bug invasion in Ant Smash! In this classic tower defense game, click or tap the colony of ants before they reach the bottom of the …Read more


Gacha – Collect All the Toys!

Experience the Japanese toy craze that’s sweeping the nation! Gacha is a virtual gatchapon machine wherein you collect cool, random toys in small capsules. However, these toys also come with a heartwarming …Read more