Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai Training

Become the greatest martial arts fighter of all time in Muay Thai Training! As a young student, you’ll start your training by kicking and punching banana trees. Move from side …Read more


Pongis Ball Game

Pongis is a ball game that plays that is both adorable and challenging. Similar to football, players need to shoot the ball towards the opponent’s goal while defending their own. …Read more


Freethrow Basketball Game

Shoot that hoop! In Freethrow, you’ll be competing against other players online in an intense one-on-one free throw basketball match. Each successful shot will give you two points. The player …Read more

Tennis is War HTML5 featured

Tennis is War

Try to become the next tennis champion in Tennis is War. The game is a continuous challenge of a tennis match where you move by tapping the left side or …Read more

EZ Fitness

EZ Fitness Healthy Workout App

Want to achieve your fitness goals amidst your busy schedule? Let the EZ Fitness app help with your exercise regimen! To use this virtual fitness trainer, select how many reps …Read more


Basketball Legend

This fun little basketball game is primarily made for mobile devices but it’s perfectly fine for your browser too. It features a Training mode where you practice your hoop shots …Read more

Presidential Golf Main Menu

Presidential Golf

Play as president Trump in this funny and witty Golf game The mechanics is simple enough for anyone to pick up in just a couple of minutes. Try to beat …Read more