Game Licensing

Buy and license HTML5 games. We showcase the top HTML5 games for licensing. Our games work on mobile, smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.

License casual games

Casual games are becoming increasingly popular with users. If you’re interested in licensing ready-made casual games, check out These can be customized and re-branded to fit your target audience. Don’t forget to check out the cool demo videos too.

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Why license the games?

If you own a website, a portal, an app, or any platform, content is one of the main things driving your revenue. A great way to source content, is to license ready made games from other developers. Thanks to HTML5, these games can be deployed on a variety of platforms.


Can I license your games?

Yes, most of the games here can be licensed. Please visit our partner to purchase game licenses. MarketJS is a platform for buyers to easily license great HTML5 games, at great prices. They typically offer discounts for bulk purchases.

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Remember to mention “” to the team, to receive a special deal.

I’m looking for HTML mobile games

For HTML mobile game enthusiasts, please check out this page. It contains a list of filtered HTML mobile games that work on your smartphones and tablet devices. It supports iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Firefox, and more. Try the free demos, and let you know what you think.


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