Weapons n’ Colors

Weapons n’ Colors is a neat HTML5 puzzle game that was created for Microsoft’s HTML5 {Dev:unplugged} contest. Your goal is to make as many combinations as possible using different tiles. …Read more

Bubble Hit

Bubble Hit is the classic bubble-pop game created with HTML5. The colorful screen cheers you up and sets the mood for the gaming session. Shoot the bubbles at other like-colored …Read more

Anarcus: the neverending battles

Anarcus is a multi-player online trading card game. Players are required to collect cards, build their decks and fight other players in the eternal battles of fantasy world of Anarcus. …Read more


Rebound is a simple yet addictive HTML5 puzzle game created with the Impact HTML5 game engine. Your goal is to shoot the ball against the walls and collect all of …Read more

T-Crisis 3 100 Percent A.I.

Play an awesome remake of Tetris. Game plays directly in your browser. Game features computer opponents, sound effects, music, multiple game modes and more. There is a lot to expore …Read more


Pathuku is an interesting puzzle game where you are presented with a bunch of lines that criss-crossed and the idea is to find a path that uses every line once. …Read more

Letter Bubbles!

A fun & addictive game that will improve your typing skills! Action packed and full of bubble popping goodness! Letter Bubbles is an addictive typing game that’s action packed full …Read more

Klax: Score Attack

Klax: Score Attack is a Puzzle game, but hang on a little before you decide to skip this. This is not just ‘another puzzle game’ but a really good one …Read more

“Ginger” Manipulation

“Ginger” manipulation is a fresh change for all those of you who seem to have enough of the usual gamut of games. This HTML5 game allows you exercise your evil …Read more

Centrifuge Volleyball

Centrifuge Volleyball is a walk through the memory lane where you used to take your physics tutions. Surely, physics can’t make a game interesting, right? Well, maybe it can, as …Read more


Bombsville challenges to escape the shower fo explosives and the downpour that follows it. Are you game for the challenge? This is one of those games you can turn to …Read more


A red laser approaches you and you have to execute some quick keystokes to escape them, as contact with them means annihilation! Sounds interesting, right? Jump into the world of …Read more

Gomoku online

Gomoku online is a well built and quite nicely designed HTML5 game. This is a great addition to the catalog of puzzle HTML5 games. As soon as you are done …Read more


Cubed is all set to intrigue and bedazzle with you with the puzzle it offers. The action is really fast paced and you are left to use your presence of …Read more

Castle Capers

Castle Capers is one super cool concoction of  Horror, Platform  and Shooting. The ambience is spooky, and this shall surely strike a chord with you. The objective is to free …Read more

Retro Blaster

For all those who are looking for a break from the usual collection of space shooter games in the HTML5 avatar, Retro Blaster comes as a fresh change. This is …Read more