Doodle God

Doodle God is another by product of the ‘Beauty of the Web’ competition organized by Microsoft. This is a really simple, yet interesting puzzle game and is the HTML5 version …Read more


Floret is a really cute and enthralling HTML5 game with a very simple background. The idea is to progress in the game by clearing levels, and in order to do …Read more


If you happen to be a pretty demanding gamer, and love to be given a complete list of game features and options that you can explore to extract the maximum …Read more


There aren’t many games that tap the potential of WebSockets feature as nicely as WPilot. This game is seasoned with multi-player abilities, and the fact that it is a space …Read more


Swarmation puts to test your ability to make some quick decisions and requires you to work in cohesion with all the other players playing with you. You start off as …Read more

Leisure Suit Larry

Some might still remember the addictive Leisure Suit Larry game from Sierra that ruled the gaming roost way back in the 80s. It seems as if the developer of the …Read more


Multi-player tank games are superb entertainment, and NetTank proves it convincingly. In this game, the player controls a tank and tries to destroy all the other players’ tanks. Multi-player functionality …Read more


If the first impressions are anything to judge Rumpetroll against, we seem to be in for a real HMTL5 gaming treat in the near future. The recently releases demo of …Read more


Dashed is a rather simple, yet captivating game cum app based on HTML5. This is the perfect game you want to be playing on a particularly long journey, or on …Read more


Rawkets transforms you into a tiny green triangle that shoots its enemies. This multi-player game has made some serious leaps on the popularity charts, and this can be attributed to …Read more

Far 7

Far 7 does indeed stretch the capabilities of HTML5 to greater distances. No wonders it gobbled up a podium finish by bagging the runners up prize for Mozilla’s gaming competition …Read more

Battle For Beauty

Battle For Beauty is a stand-off between what’s regarded as the beautiful side of the web, and the ugly side of the web. However, there is a lot more than …Read more

Mutant Zombie Monsters

Surely you’d have played some games fighting out blood thirst zombies. Mutant Zombie Monsters takes zombie shooting entertainment to the next level, and does so by letting you step into …Read more

Way Out Wars

For music lovers and gaming lovers, it hardly gets any better than the Way Out Wars. This super cool HTML5 lets you dive into a pool of some really good …Read more

Private Joe

For all those in love with the old school gaming graphics, Private Joe is one of the more interesting games on the HTML5 platform. Built with the Impact HTML5 engine, …Read more

Panda Catch

Pandas are really cute creatures, and you surely would love to collect the falling pandas from sky that Panda Catch throws at you. And apart from this, the player also …Read more