Neon Fighter

Neon Fighter is a shooting game that does not require you to think much before piling the bullets on. Just a simple instruction, collect the items that appear in a …Read more

Little Red Shooting Hood

Little Red Shooting Hood is one of those rare HTML5 games that brings most of the cool factors that make a game addicting together under on roof. With ultra cool …Read more

Kick Ass

Kick Ass is superb HTML5 entertainer, and though some technicians might hesitate from tagging it as a proper game, the truth is that working with Kick Ass is equally interesting. …Read more

Space Cannon 3D

Space Cannon 3D makes space shooting a bit more interesting than usual. You need to sanitize the skies by shooting out as many particles as possible. The catch is that …Read more

Defend Yourself

Defend yourself is a game that requires you to, well, just Defend yourself. And attacking you are a number of balls which would cut your advances into the game short …Read more


Flatwar is said to be based on a novel. You are trapped inside a sphere and wish to see the light of the day. And the only way to rescue …Read more


Infiltration is a good tower defence game built on the HTML5 platform. You control a tank. More precisely, you control the turret of the tank and fire a storm of …Read more


Plunder is an amazing space shooting based HTML5 game. With the inclusion of elements from the all new HTML5 Audio, you can be sure that the upbeat music would not …Read more

Just Solitaire

JustSolitaire is a complete website with more than 2 dozen HTML5 Solitaire games in its kitty. The best part is that you can buzz up any game in any browser …Read more


When there are multiple versions of Solitaire and Mine Sweeper floating around the web with the HTML5 cloak, you can bet that Spades would not be far off either. ‘Spades’ …Read more


Blinkwang is a crazy and cool HTML5 game that makes you look at your blink like you never did before. You are greeted by a timer counting down from 3. …Read more

Castle Solitaire

Some of us just can’t have enough of Solitaire all day long, and Castle Solitaire is a welcome change that you might have been looking for from your current Solitaire …Read more

Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop is a test of your speed and agility. No, it is not a racing game. Bubble Pop requires you to click on the blue coloured bubbles that emerge …Read more


Jitterbugs is graphically endowed enough to send jitters down the spines of all the sophisticated flash games, and is a good exhibition of the powers of HTML5. Perfectly suited for …Read more


JSLander requires you to bring to the fore your deftness of touch and understanding of the rules of the game. You need to land your aircraft safely and that is …Read more


Fontanero features the classic 4 bit graphics, which has been a result of the endeavours of the developers to keep a tab on the size of the game. You progress …Read more