Frozen Defense

With three super cool game modes to choose from – Arcade, Challenge and Perfection – Frozen Defense is a really impressive and wholesome strategy game. The aim is to get …Read more

Paper Tank

<BR >Remember the NES game hit called the ‘Battle City’? Well, Paper Tank is just the HTML5 clone of the same. You play the orange tank, and aim at destroying …Read more

HTML5 Chess

HTML5 adds to the few variants that the platform has in terms of chess games. The great part about HTML5 Chess is that it includes both 2D and 3D views, …Read more


Any gaming platform would be incomplete without an engrossing chess game in the cache`. And HTML5 is not going to miss out on this either. MMChess is the good old …Read more

Star Putt

Does the idea of playing a cool and cute golf based HTML5 game appeal to you? Surely, it does! And what if the golf course happened to be free space! …Read more


  Put together by Grant Skinner, this superb game lets you explore the potential of HTML5 and your browser. The game play lets you take the fascinating role of pirates …Read more

Torus 3D Tetris

  Torus 3D Tetris brings your childhood favourite Tetris to the HTML5 platform, and does so in 3D! With a mere press of the left or right key, you can …Read more


  Warimals is the first HTML5 Facebook game, and is based on the intriguing and eternal battle between cats and dogs. You can choose either of the roles when you …Read more

Biolab Disaster

  Biolab Disaster is your time machine to the gaming of the 80’s. A platform shoot-em-up style game, Biolab Disaster requires the player to progress through the level by jumping …Read more


  Vii is your dose of physics and it comes with a seasoning of some inviting graphics. This game alters the scheme of things a little bit. You begin with …Read more

Pumbi’s World

  Another strategy based action game designed for Microsoft HTML5 DevUnplugged competition, Pumbi’s world brings to table five different levels where teams of two battle it out against each other. …Read more

White Rabbit

  You’ve got to be a real tech wizard if you can make out that this isn’t actually a flash game, but an HTML5 one. The screen effects are captivating, …Read more

Fortix Online

  A pretty neat and cool strategy game, Fortix Online was actually developed for a competition. The idea of game play is basic. Your aim is to get the better …Read more

Angry Birds

  Yes, you heard it right; Angry Birds is available in HTML5 now. The aim is to use these fiery eyed birds as missiles and aim them at the blocks …Read more

Agent 008 Ball

  Snooker + Bond. It hardly gets any more exciting than this. Add to it the impressive graphical detailing of the game, and Agent 008 Ball comes across as a …Read more

Word Squared

  The good old Scrabble just turned HTML5! What’s amazing about this multi player game is that it was designed and compiled in less than 2 days, in a competition! …Read more