One Way – Maze Game

Can you escape the maze with just One Way? The goal of this maze game is to move the blue dot towards the green exit. The ball can only move …Read more

Jewels Block Puzzle

Play with shiny jewels in Jewels Block Puzzle. With infinite gameplay, players must arrange jewels on the board to create a full row of similar jewels. The jewels on a …Read more

solo pong

Solo Pong – Retro Classic

Solo Pong is a brand new take on the classic pong game. Instead of destroying blocks, players only need to catch the ball with the paddle. The paddle can only move …Read more

Mad Mage – Nightmare RPG

Give your patients the good night’s sleep they’ve been longing for! Mad Mage is an RPG where you play as Dr. Muntz. The people in Arkham are suffering from recurring …Read more

the only platform

The Only Platform

Jump like crazy in The Only Platform! This is a unique platformer wherein you only need to cross one platform. However, it vanishes every few seconds and will respawn in …Read more

rogue jack

Rogue Jack – Card-Based RPG

Duel with monsters through cards in Rogue Jack! In this dungeon crawler, you play as a brave knight who is out to destroy evil. You won’t be destroying monsters with …Read more

tired zombie

Tired Zombie – 3D RPG

Fight evil in Tired Zombie! Ghosts have overrun a poor zombie‘s graveyard. Destroy all the creatures on sight to complete the game! You can pick up various items to increase …Read more