Allez – Sword Fighting Survival

Brace yourself for an intense fencing duel! Allez is a survival game where you fight powerful sword masters in every turn. With your trusty foil, parry your opponent’s attacks and …Read more

Cookie Tap

Cookie Tap – Idle Clicker

Craving for cookies? Cooke Tap is an idle clicker where you try to bake the biggest batch of cookies. Collect more points and upgrade your tapping skills so you can …Read more


Pullfrog – Brick Puzzle

It’s raining cacti! Pullfrog is a classic brick breaking puzzle with a twist. Cactus bricks are falling from the sky, and it is up to a heroic frog to clean …Read more


StarByte – Infinite Runner

Survive the colorful, but hellish world of Starbyte! This is an infinite runner where you play as a helpless cube trapped in a maze. Overcome giant walls and avoid explosions …Read more

Hug Force

Hug Force – Survival Shooter

Use the power of love to survive! Hug Force is a survival shooter where you need to find a helipad to summon reinforcements and win the war.   You’ll face various …Read more

Dodgeball Battle

Dodgeball Battle – Sports Game

Destroy all enemies with a single ball throw! Dodgeball is a futuristic sports game where you play as a dodgeball robot. Fight with other machines in a deadly duel.  Charge …Read more


Robolution – Puzzle Adventure

Fight for your freedom! Robolution is a puzzle adventure wherein you play as a robot who loves to spin and play gravity. However, there are enemies that don’t want you …Read more

On Guard

On Guard – Tower Defense

All monsters shall not pass! On Guard is a retro-style tower defense game without any towers. Instead, you’ll be sending out different units to face your enemies.  Aside from your …Read more


Venngram – Color Matching Puzzle

Who knew that moving circles can be this challenging? Venngram is a unique kind of color-matching puzzle. The goal is to activate the smaller targets by dragging the larger circles …Read more