Zombie Gems

Slide and move around the ghastly zombie faces in Zombie Gems before the time runs out. The clock is slowly ticking down so find your moves quickly to maximize your …Read more


Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire is a new take on an old classic card game brought to your screen. With fresh graphics and random generation, that means you’ll get a new and individual …Read more


Snowball Fight

In Snowball Fight, you play as one of the other school children in a snowball fight. Ducked behind you fence take aim and throw your snowballs and hit the other …Read more


Ultimate Pong

Ultimate Pong is a brand new twist on an old favorite that’s sure to take and hold your attention. If the game starts off too easy, pause and adjusts the …Read more


Feed The Baby

Feed The Baby is a fun matching game where you pick which category a particular food goes into as it comes across in front of the baby. You need to …Read more


Totem Volcano

Totem Volcano is a challenging puzzle game taking place on a tropical island where your goal is to break the wooden blocks to make sure your island dwelling friends totem …Read more


Desert Rally

Desert Rally is a third person HTML5 racing game racing game where you control your buggy as it speeds through the dunes with the goal of staying on course as …Read more


Shark Attack

Play a hungry shark. Prey on other wildlife, divers, ships and more. Don’t forget to collect air pockets, or you’ll run out of air. Perform certain actions to receive awards. …Read more


2048 Dragon Island

If you enjoy 2048 type games, you’ll feel at home with this latest edition. Combine dragon eggs in threes, and watch them evolve in Level 10 dragon behemoths. What’s your …Read more


Metal Animal

Metal animals, en guard! Ride on your cool tank, manage your troop of cute animals, and defend against the evil onslaught of enemies. Use coins earned to upgrade your crew …Read more


Battle Monster

Have you ever wanted to own your own collection of pet monsters? Now you can. Match gems and defeat evil monsters. Use the points earned, to further upgrade your own entourage …Read more


Street Racing Mania

Ready, set go! Floor the pedal, hit the brakes. Race against other cars in this exciting racing simulation. Earn cash from winning races, and use them to purchase stronger cars. …Read more


Pop Star Dentist 2

A celebrity dentist game, where players get to work on the teeth of Hollywood celebrities. Ideal for an audience that loves all things celeb and glam related. Clean out the nasty …Read more


Date Night

The ultimate girl’s dream. Match beautiful gems, win coins, and go shopping! Shop for the best clothes, then mix and match to have the best looking attire. Finally, go on …Read more


Jelly Hunt

Hunt delicious jelly monsters. Match 3 or more of the same jelly cuties, to defeat the jelly monster! Beware the time is running out quickly. Jolly Jelly all the way!!!!! …Read more