Gravitus – Space Adventure

Don’t let gravity keep you down! Gravitus is a space adventure where you navigate different labyrinths with a unique gravity mechanic.  Reach the docking point at the end of the …Read more

Overparked – Balancing Puzzle

Oh no, there’s no parking space left! Overparked is a balancing puzzle about finding the best parking space without destroying your car. The challenge is that you won’t be parking …Read more

Villager – Build Your City!

This island is now ready for occupancy! In Villager, you start as a chieftain of an island. Gather resources like wood and stone to create buildings. These buildings will produce …Read more

Tiny Golf Puzzles

Tiny Golf – Mini Puzzles

Become the next mini golf champion! In Tiny Golf Puzzles, your goal is to shoot the ball in the hole. In some levels, you need to shoot multiple balls.  Unlike …Read more

Paint Em

Paint Em – Color Puzzle

Keep the humans in check! In this color puzzle game, you need to paint the characters depending on what the level requires. The three main colors are red, green, and …Read more


Allez – Sword Fighting Survival

Brace yourself for an intense fencing duel! Allez is a survival game where you fight powerful sword masters in every turn. With your trusty foil, parry your opponent’s attacks and …Read more