Office Ninja

Office Ninja – Escape Puzzle

Escape your hellish job! In this escape puzzle game, you’re an overworked employee who just wants to go home early. Reach the exit before your boss catches you. Pick up …Read more

quiet space

Quiet Space – Flying Adventure

Drifting alone in space can be quite an adventure. In Quiet Space, it has been quite lonely since since you started drifting alone in space. One day, your spaceship detected …Read more


Ominous – Retro Adventure

Are you willing to enter a monster’s realm to obtain treasure? Ominous is a retro adventure about an artifact hunter named Gowan McDerrick. Guide Gowan in an underground lair to …Read more

Beer Slide – Endless Runner

Don’t get tipsy while sliding! Beer Slide is an endless runner featuring a cold, foamy mug of beer. Slide along the table and avoid all the obstacles.  The game only …Read more

Hostage Rescue

Hostage Rescue – FPS Game

Fight all the terrorists! In Hostage Rescue, you need to beat the terrorists and rescue the hostages. Each level in this FPS game is set in a closed room with …Read more

Devil Express

Devil Express – RPG

Explore the colorful world of monsters! Devil Express is an RPG that is not as scary as it seems. In this game, you explore a modern-fantasy world wherein working with …Read more

Stay Safe - Stay Home

Stay Safe – Stay Home

Help your neighbors during the quarantine. In Stay Safe – Stay Home, everyone is stuck in their houses. Some of your neighbors need supplies, and it’s up to you to …Read more