Irori – 3D Cooking Game

Experience the joy of traditional Japanese cooking in Irori! The name of the cooking game is based on a sunken hearth that can be used for cooking or heating up …Read more

season shift

Season Shift – Adventure Platformer

Collect all the acorns in Season Shift! In this adventure platformer, you’ll follow Schrodinger the squirrel. You’ll help hem travel across various seasons to collect acorns. You won’t lose a …Read more

Noon Justice – Gun Duel

Whip out your gun in 3, 2, 1! Noon Justice is a shooting game where you duel with an AI. Whoever shoots fastest lives for another match. If you’re new …Read more

tasty tower

Tasty Tower – Cooking Game

A food truck cooking game is finally here! In Tasty Tower,  you play as a new recruit for a dirty food truck. However, not even the grimiest stains can stop …Read more

Bricked – Color Matching

Bricked is a color matching game where you break shiny tiles with similar colors. The goal is to clear the board each level. During the first few levels, you can …Read more

Direction – Ball Puzzle

Direction is a ball puzzle where you control a ball to eat all the blue squares. The ball can only change direction whenever it eats.  The goal is to collect …Read more


Undervault – RPG Board Game

Undervault is a dungeon crawler where you explore different rooms, fight monsters, and build your skills. The look and feel are quite similar to a board game.  With a vast …Read more