Scary Places

Scary Places is a nice game. There is the option of competing with a friend or foe and show ’em who’s the boss. The scary places shall try to scare …Read more


Apestronauts is a massively-multiplayer game of space gorilla warfare! Move around the planet and hurl your explosive bananas into orbit, trying to hit the other players. Play with your friends …Read more

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN is an awesome HTML5 version of the classic PACMAN game. What makes this version so awesome, however, is that users can create their own maps and share …Read more

Solitaire online

Solitaire online is a Card game. It is a Klondike game. Your objective is to arrange cards from Ace to King in piles. Solitaire lovers will not need a second …Read more

Nano Tanks

Nano Tanks is an impressive HTML5 game optimized for use on the iPhone and iPad. You control the tank on the left and must battle the evil dark tanks on …Read more


Coil is a very cool HTML5 game that requires speed using your mouse. Your goal is to destroy enemies by enclosing them in the trail formed by your tail. Enemies …Read more

Google HTML5 Guitar

Google strikes again, this time with an HTML5 interactive guitar as its logo. The guitar will remain on the Google homepage but only for 24 hours. It was created to …Read more

Lunar Rescue

Lunar Rescue is an addictive HTML5 game. You need to save the stranded scientists by navigating your spaceship and landing on the space pads. You’ll need to maneuver carefully and …Read more

Garden Madness

Garden Madness is an HTML5 puzzle game. Clicking with your cursor will remove the highlighted flowers. If four or more flowers of the same color end up next to each …Read more

Space Station – Rainbow

Help Commander Mitchell from the Space Station SG300 overcome his problems with gamma rays. The space dude you meet in Space Station – Rainbow is unlike any other you would …Read more

Weapons n’ Colors

Weapons n’ Colors is a neat HTML5 puzzle game that was created for Microsoft’s HTML5 {Dev:unplugged} contest. Your goal is to make as many combinations as possible using different tiles. …Read more

Bubble Hit

Bubble Hit is the classic bubble-pop game created with HTML5. The colorful screen cheers you up and sets the mood for the gaming session. Shoot the bubbles at other like-colored …Read more

Anarcus: the neverending battles

Anarcus is a multi-player online trading card game. Players are required to collect cards, build their decks and fight other players in the eternal battles of fantasy world of Anarcus. …Read more


Rebound is a simple yet addictive HTML5 puzzle game created with the Impact HTML5 game engine. Your goal is to shoot the ball against the walls and collect all of …Read more

T-Crisis 3 100 Percent A.I.

Play an awesome remake of Tetris. Game plays directly in your browser. Game features computer opponents, sound effects, music, multiple game modes and more. There is a lot to expore …Read more


Pathuku is an interesting puzzle game where you are presented with a bunch of lines that criss-crossed and the idea is to find a path that uses every line once. …Read more