U-Boot Hunter

For all those who are looking for a break from the usual collection of space shooter games in the HTML5 avatar, U-Boot Hunter is a like a breath of fresh …Read more


ChuClone is all set to puzzle you and take you back to those crazy physics classes of whom you thought you had seen the last back in the college days. …Read more

Space Panda

Strawberries, anybody? If you raised your hand and just failed to avoid a blob of saliva from falling on your keyboard, Space Panda is a game perfectly made for you. …Read more


Bossman gives you more than a few resons to play the game in idle office hours, considering you are lucky enough to get any! The setting is an office, and …Read more

Siren Song

Siren Song appears as an extremely simple game from the screenshots and the welcome screen, but believe us when we tell you that you will have a more than exciting …Read more

Peleia Braba

Peleia Braba is a well built and quite nicely designed HTML5 game. This is a great addition to the catalog of Defense/Hidden HTML5 games. The objective is to take the …Read more


Escape brings to life the scariest nightmares you could ever dream of! How about being chased by a tsunami of lava! Damn, it’s scary. And all you’ll want to do …Read more

Ne Touchez Pas

You hardly ever notice when the game gets under way, so simple and deceptive is the manner in which Ne Touchez Pas has been designed. A relatively new addition to …Read more


We are sure you will need lots of time to be able to catch hold of a gamer who has not played PACMAN. Well, NERV-MAN is a new avatar of …Read more

Angry Anna

Anna Hazare is angry, and he wants to get rid of all the rascals impeding the progress of his country through their corrupt practices. And you can help him do …Read more


When you are greeted by the first screen of Sprawner, you can not help but comment that the game appears particularly simple. However, you’ll surely realize that it is prety …Read more

Ignore Them

Ignore Them! Yes, that is precisely what you should do with those irritating comrades and tasks that try forcng you into postponing your gaming dose of the day. This is …Read more


EscapeBot is the fresh change that you have been waiting for from the past few months as far as the HTML5 game offerings are concerned. This is a combination of …Read more

Lotus Poetry

Their is something undeniably soulful about this game, The Lotus Poetry and 5 Wandering Souls! The screen, with the pink hues and the cute faces manages to attract your attention …Read more

Squirrel’s Life

Squirrel’s Life lets you do exactly what it ought to, i.e. , let you live the life of a squirrel! The game is too cute to ignore when you are …Read more

T-Crisis 3 100 pr. A.I.

T-Crisis 3 100 pr. A.I. is the good old Tetris in a new avatar. Tetris remains the grand daddy of all in the category of block placing puzzle games. And …Read more