5Connect is a cool addition to the list of new HTML5 games. High scores feature will soon be added to the game, as per the words from the author. With  …Read more

Minesweeper Game

Remake of classic game in HTML5. Responsive controls (letf click – clear, right click – mark), comfort color scheme, no ads, four game modes, including Epic – for HD screens.

Memory 3D

Memory 3D is an HTML5 puzzle-matching game. The game board is a 3D box with 24 different panels. Clicking a panel reveals a college sports logo, which will remain visible …Read more


“T-spin” is a puzzle game written in HTML5. It is basically a clone of the class arcade game, Tetris. It has different game modes from past games, including versions from …Read more


Lines is a simple HTML5 puzzle game. Your goal is to arrange balls of the same color in straight lines (in any direction). Whenever you get five or more balls …Read more

Mafia Wars: Atlantic City

Mafia Wars: Atlantic City is an HTML5 version of the incredibly popular ‘Mafia Wars’ series. Developed by social gaming behemoth Zynga, this HTML5 port works flawlessly across most mobile devices. …Read more

Vector Racer

A cute and cool racing plus puzzle game is here to alleviate your boredom. Vector Racer is a turn-based racing game. It’s an online reincarnation of a paper and pencil …Read more

HTML5 Tetris

This is an HTML5 version of the classic puzzle game Tetris. Developed by: B Garcia

Folds & Burns

Folds & Burns is a fun space shooter/asteroids-esque game created with HTML5. Your goal is to avoid the approaching asteroids and comets, and to stay alive as long as possible. …Read more

How fast your typing

How fast your typing is a Defense/Word game. The first sight suggests a professional package, but thankfully, this is a cool and casual game, and free! This game tests your …Read more


SURVIBALL comes across as a particularly difficult puzzle on the first sight. Howeverm this isn’t exactly a puzzle. This is actually a ball rolling game, and your objective is to …Read more

Space Mahjong

Space Mahjong is a Puzzle game. Thankfully, this is not just another addition to the catalog if puzzle games in HTML5. It is a Mahjong game. Your objective is to …Read more

10K Random

10K Random is a Learning/Word game, and not quite like the dilly dolly easy to play games of this category. It is a word game, and a really good one …Read more

The mad ball

The mad ball is an Other game. Of late, so many HTML5 games in different category have emerged that a majority of HTML5 gamers would be praying for some fresh …Read more

Croco Magneto

Croco Magneto is a pretty cool name alright, and unlike many other HTML5 game, this one lives up to its fancy name. The pace of the game is really fast. …Read more