Spike Dislike Lite

Spikes and bouncing balls do not quite gel together, and this is the crux of Spike Dislike Lite. You control the bouncing ball and then ensure that it stays away …Read more

Drop Cop

You surely have had some great time in the rains at some point in your childhood. You get to play with rain in this intriguing little game called Drop Cop. …Read more

Balloon Typer

Balloon Typer is as cute and cool as it can possibly get with HTML5. This game builds on the wonderful idea if roping in a typing speed test and mapping …Read more

Duck It!

Duck It! is a Platform/Shooting game. It is a run and jump game. Your objective is to reach your young and barf pixels on them. Space Whale Studip brings to …Read more

Galaxy Conquest

Galaxy Conquest is your peek into the world of dazzling lights. Your screen soon turns into a whole canvas of colours as the game unleashes itslef on you. This is …Read more

Girls like Robots

Girls like Robots is a different sort of Puzzle game, and this will become obvious pretty soon once you get into the play mode. In Girls like Robots, you play …Read more

Air Supply

Simplicity is not something you generally associate with shoot ’em out games, and this is precisely where Air Supply scores over the others. Sam, an adorable little alien gets trapped …Read more

Creatures and Castles

Creatures and Castles is one absolutely engrossing puzzle game to be playing. There are many levels, many treasures, many obstacles, and many enemies to attend to in the game. In …Read more

Paul’s Platform Adventure

Paul’s Platform Adventure is a really entertaining and addicting HTML5 game, and one of the better games to have been added to the platform/adventure category in the recent times. The …Read more

Captain Slobber

Captain Slobber is bound to impress you with its vibrant grpahical clarity, not often seen with HTML5 games. The setting of the shoot out is absolutely breathtaking, with the red …Read more

We be bankin’

There is not much to worry about when you have load’s of money, apart from gettign it deposited into the safe vaults to avoid the danger of being stolen! And …Read more


Gravonaut is a very interesting Platform game, and that can be attributed to the storyline of the game. You get to play the role of a brave astronaut Gravonaut, and …Read more


Bumps Arcade introduces you to the wide eyed small bumps that you need to manipulate in order to advance in the game. The idea is to position the individual bump …Read more

Big Guns Tower Defense

Defense/Shooting games can never be out of the gamin circuit, and Big Guns Tower Defense brings the point home pretty confidently! It is a pretty cool game where you defend …Read more

Space Wolves

You surely would not like the company of eerie werewolves in your vicinity, and this game is your perfect playground where you can shoot the daylights out of these crazy …Read more

Infinite Mario Bros

Developed for a Super Mario themed java programmin contest, the Infinite Mario Bros game is a must play for the die hard Mario fans around the world. It is fun …Read more