Zombie Typomaniac

Surely, you have played some zombie shoot outs in the past. Also, you’d have had a fair share of type ’em to win ’em games. However, Zombie Typomaniac manages to …Read more

Re-Infiltration at Dusk

That darn evil Artificial Intelligence is raiding the remaining human settlements of Earth again! New biomechanical horrors approach at nightfall. Your rusty old gun turret is the only hope for …Read more

Fruity Slots

Fruits get all the more juicy when the correct combination of those gives you some cash! Though Fruity Slots will not give any real cash, but you can surely have …Read more

Space War HTML5

Space War HTML5 is an HTML5 shooter/defense game. It was created for Microsoft’s Dev Unplugged HTML5 competition (which you can read more about here). Move and shoot with your mouse, …Read more

Air Supply 1bit Run

This is a cool simple shooter game where you control a little alien named “Sam”, Sam got ambushed on the moon and has to fight his way out against enemy …Read more

Tululoo Shoot

Short and intense, Tululoo Shoot is a welcome change from the long, dull and dreary games. There are six levels int he game, each rife with its own challenges and …Read more

Pony Wings

Sunsets are always beautiful, but that does not mean you wait for them, or even lose to them in a race. Pony Wings is a cute little game that tries …Read more

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is named quite well, as 2 broke girls attempt at making money. There isn’t much glitz and glamor to the game, but it manages to keep players …Read more

Canvas Wars

Geometry Wars: Retro lovers have loads to cheer about. Canvas Wars will definitely leave survival gaming lovers elated. The dark and scary screen adds to the intensity of the game …Read more


Classic card games come across every now and then and refreshen the game cache` of the HTML5 platform. Speed follows the trend and adds to the catalog of cool card …Read more

Galactic Mail

Of late, so many HTML5 games in shooting category have emerged that a majority of HTML5 gamers would be praying for some fresh ones. Galactic Mail comes across as a …Read more

Baconstrips Game

Baconstrips Game invites you to try to catch bacon strips, but make sure you don’t drop one or you’ll lose your streak and get no time bonus! Have you got …Read more

Skydiver Mach II

Skydiver Mach II is a Flying game. Surely, there are quite a few alternatives available, but none match the simplicity of the design of Skydiver Mach II. The sight of …Read more

they need to be fed

Monsters are bound to be the bad guys int he game, right? Not always! They need to be fed takes a lighter view of things and leaves you in a …Read more


Arkanoid is based ont he timeless concept of brick gaming. The interface is really simple, and there is no element of glitz and glamour to the game. The simplicity of …Read more

Music Can Be Fun

Music Can Be Fun is a musical HTML5 game built for Microsoft’s HTML5 Dev:unplugged competition. The beautiful visuals and background music make for an impressive HTML5 experience. The song in …Read more