There would be tens of thousands of you who are simply addicted to card games. And when you think the day’s dose of Solitaire is done, you can safely make …Read more

World of solitaire

World of Solitaire brings back the memories of those less resourceful days when we used to spend a good part of the day biting away at the cards in the …Read more

Fight or flight

Fight or Flight is a horizontal scroller platform married with a puzzle! You are thrown at with pink blobs that appear from the right part of the screen. You have …Read more

Galactic Plunder

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Memoludi is a strange sounding card game. Thankfully there is nothing strange about the game play, and you would soon be into the card play. You are served with 24 …Read more

Missile Fleet

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Racer10k would unfailingly take you on a walk down the memory lane when you used to play those 16-bit racing games and jump in joy on establishing high scores. Just …Read more

Ganja Farmer

Ganja Farmer might have you wondering as to why the developers could not work out a more sober name! The game is pretty good actually, and you start off as …Read more


KulkiWEB is a really cool exhibition of the powers of HTML5 and it uses the good old idea of making matching lines to make them disappear and gathering points. It …Read more

Invaders from mars

It is shooting unlimited with Invaders from Mars. Yes, the Martians are back, and with a bang! You guessed it right, this is the Space Invaders game that you literally …Read more


Soduko – it could not have been more suggestively named than this! If you have been in a habit of rendering the newspaper useless by the marks of your pen …Read more


HyperGunner does not do anything too flashy and keeps the idea pretty simple. The aim is to get back to planet Earth in one piece, and there’s a whole army …Read more

Absorb HD

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For all of those who have played and loved the classic Arkanoid game, Sketchout comes as a more than pleasant surprise with a huge list of added features. The whole …Read more

Bounce Ball

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Math Mayhem

Math Mayhem is the perfect warm up you would need before the hectic day at the office, or a mathematics examination, for that matter! You are shown a total before …Read more