Where Is The Red

It hardly gets any more straightforward than this. At the starting of the game, you are shown three cups and a little red thing that you need to keep an …Read more

Bounce It

Hardcore gamers are never tired of beating their own bests, and this is where Bounce It comes across as an engager. The idea is to jump from one platform to …Read more


Roundball is the good old ‘match ’em and get rid of ’em’ style puzzle game, but it comes packed in an all new and cool HTML5 wrapper. The ease with …Read more

Gif Tower Defense

You have surely played Tower defence games guarding your territories against all sorts of enemies, and now it is time to keep a naughty little animation away from your sacred …Read more

Space in Trouble

Space shooters can never be out of action in any gaming platform, and this is again proven by the rapidly growing popularity of ‘Space in Trouble.’ The makers have kept …Read more

Knifetank – The Hauntening

An enthralling entertainer, Knifetank – The Hauntening is surely going to keep you hooked for hours at a stretch, owing to its storyline. It all begins when your bus breaks …Read more


Janpu comes straight from Japan to satiate your thirst for an intriguing and challenging HTML5 game. You step into the shoes of a Ninja, and try to outdo your previous …Read more

Four Demons

It doesn’t hurt if you help the bad guyz out in a game, does it? In Four Demons, you get to extend this philosophy even further and have as many …Read more

Caravan Sokoban

Caravan Sokoban takes you to the desert land of an unknown location. It is a rather simple puzzle game where the motive is to move the colourful objects lying on …Read more

Newspaper Dude

This game does a neat check of a certain skill you never though was worthy enough to acquire, that of throwing newspapers! Newspaper Dude puts your selection and speed skills …Read more

Turtle Rescue

Who would not want to help a cute tiny turtle trying to reach the safety of the beach waters, trying to avoid racing cars and freak creatures prowling the beach …Read more

This Shell

Surely, you have had enough of all the jigsaw puzzles spread over the online gaming shelves, but you might not have had the chance to play a video puzzle game. …Read more


Fort and tower games come in dozens, but Fortaleza skips the ordinary league through the presentation of a honeycomb celled screen. Plus, the game includes several refreshing features and additions …Read more


Curvy is a refreshing concept in puzzle games. The screen that shows up has a lot of hexagons, and the player has the liberty of rotating these hexagons to the …Read more


Sometimes, a simple and cute little game can be absolutely refreshing, and Buglets is certainly one that makes the cut in this category of games. Role Playing Game lovers are …Read more


The first look at the screen of Lazors can give the false impression of it being an easy and basic game. However, the truth is that Lazors is among the …Read more