Haunted Gardens

In Haunted Gardens, you have to pick up all items and then reach the exit, without being caught by zombies. You can also drink potions to run faster for a …Read more

Project Khalio

You probably know the famous puzzle game Portal? Project Khalio is a 2D version of the same game. The goal is to reach the end of a level using a …Read more

Elevator Simulator

Elevator Simulator is an original game in which the goal is to control an elevator and to allow people to move from one floor to another, without falling. As the …Read more

Skulls in Space

Skulls in space is a classic shoot’em up where you have to defend yourself against hordes of skulls. You start with a basic weapon, but you get an upgrade every …Read more


Hinder is a HTML5 version of the famous Sokoban game. The goal is to push all boxes to the right position to open the exit, in order to save your …Read more


Razarion is a real-time strategy game. The goal is simple: you have to build factories in order to build tanks and other vehicles to attack the other bases. You also …Read more

Snake Nyan Cat

Snake Nyan Cat is a combination of the famous snake game, and the annoying Nyan Cat. You are controlling the Nyan Cat across a small level, and the goal is …Read more

Pick Up Sticks 2

The famous game is now available in HTML5! The goal is simple: all you have to do is to remove all sticks as fast as possible. Trying to pick a …Read more

Drop Cube

Drop Cube is a simple game in which the goal is to make the cube fall as long as possible, without landing. The cube gets faster with time. Controls: Arrow …Read more


Crabe Game

Crabe Game is a short adventure in which you are controlling a crab across the level, and shoot at octopuses. Controls: Move : arrow keys Jump : X Shoot : …Read more



Jewelbox is a HTML5 version of the famous puzzle game. The goal is to swap gems to create chains of the same kind. The game also includes a time limit, …Read more

Around the world

Around the world, as suggested by its name, is a game in which you travel all around the world. The goal is to reach all cities and to play minigames …Read more


SpiderFighter is a simple game : you have to shoot as many spiders as possible! The more spiders you kill, the faster they get! Developed by: Jerry Howell Controls: WASD …Read more


Infinia is a shooter in which you control a ship across many user-made levels. The goal is to reach the final item as fast as you can. You can also …Read more

Sharp Shooter

You will need quick reflexes and high speed to conquer this game. Asteroids are scooter-ing towards you and you have only two options. Either run off as fast as you …Read more