Pudu Kamudu 2

Pudu Kamudu 2 is a Platform game. It is a good-looking platform game. Your objective is to somehow reach the leftover cheesecake. Pudu Kamudu 2 is a fun filled and …Read more

Poor Little T-Rex

Poor Little T-Rex is a cute and interesting new HTML5 game that puts in a good mix of rapid jumping and running around to sustain and continue the game play. …Read more


Doom has been a preferred game for many shooting game lovers out there. It was only a matter of time before somebody was going to come up with the HTML5 …Read more


P-shooter is a rather new and interesting HTML5 game. As the name suggests, this is a shooting based game. The first sights of the game do not suggest anything special, …Read more

Dino Needs Love

It is not often that you’d come across a game named as oddly as Dino Needs Love. However, this is the basic premise of the whole thing. There is a …Read more

Mario prototype

Mario prototype is a reason for many to smile out there. Surely one would have to travel far before finding someone who has not had some unforgettable times with Mario. …Read more


SPACEGOO games are gaining some real and substantial popularity in the gaming circuits around the world, and the Spacegoo Maze is right up there on the list of the more …Read more


XGS is the HTML5 flavour of the popular game called GO that keeps many gamers hooked on to their computer screens for long. The graphics are simple, and such a …Read more


Curling is among the new games that have made it up on the web with the tags of being entertaining HTML5 games. And this is justified for Curling, as the …Read more


From the house of SpaceGoo games comes another hardcore entertainer in the form of SPACEGOO MOSQUITOES. You get to control a helicopter, and this does not mean that you can …Read more


SPACEGOO SURVIVECOPTER is an appropriate name for the game, considering that you are stuck in space with nowhere to go, and the desire to survive by making the helicopter land …Read more

Commander Clone

Commander Clone is a promising new HTML5 game that combines some of the better elements of this platform to come up with an impressively packed and presented entertainer. This shooter …Read more

Dangerous to “Go”

This game would most certainly surprise you, baffle you, and then please you. Dangerous to “Go” is a rather simple arcade game built on the HTML5 platform with five levels …Read more

Capitol Defense

Capitol Defense is all that you have been dreaming for all these years, a way to throw some insults and some more physically hurting elements at the lobbyists. The aim …Read more

Neon Fighter

Neon Fighter is a shooting game that does not require you to think much before piling the bullets on. Just a simple instruction, collect the items that appear in a …Read more