Scorched Surf

If you have got bored of slaying all the odd looking creatures in the other games, then the little devil hungry for points will give you a fresh change. Manage …Read more

Time Hammer

Jump, dodge, smash the heck out of enemies, and have fun doing all this while – that’s what Time Hammer is for. A plot driven game is not exactly what …Read more

Build A Snowman

If you’ve never had the opportunity to unleash yourself in snowy lands, here is an opportunity for you to redeem yourself by making a snowman. Believe us, making a real …Read more

Code Red

There might be as many shooting games as there are shooting game lovers. So why does CodeRed deserve a good look? Read on to know why. Take control and steer …Read more

Project GEA

Ever came across the term ‘partitrons’? Let this game be your introduction to amazing partitrons, which are unique black holes. Now, why are these important for you? Well, you can …Read more

Haunted Gardens

In Haunted Gardens, you have to pick up all items and then reach the exit, without being caught by zombies. You can also drink potions to run faster for a …Read more


Crabe Game

Crabe Game is a short adventure in which you are controlling a crab across the level, and shoot at octopuses. Controls: Move : arrow keys Jump : X Shoot : …Read more

Role Playing Game

Role Playing Game is an Adventure/Fighting game, and a really smart one at that. It is a mini role playing game. Your objective is to save the daughter of the …Read more

Unexpected Outcome

Assuming that you love your boss, Unexpected Outcome is a game you’ll surely love to play. And just in case you are not in any particular awe of your superior, …Read more

1899 Steam and Spirit

1899 Steam and Spirit takes you as much as more than a century back in time. This Adventure/Puzzle game offers a refreshing change from the usual lot of games lauched …Read more