Kawaii Jump – Endless Climbing

Watch where you leap! Kawaii Jump is an endless climber featuring an adorable slimeball. Help the slime reach the top and avoid all obstacles.  Scattered among the solid tiles are …Read more

Pop the Bug

Pop the Bug – Idle Clicker

Stop the bug infestation! Pop the Bug is an idle clicker featuring various critters like ladybugs, butterflies, cockroaches, beetles, and more. Pop all the insects before the timer runs out.  …Read more


Efi – Dungeon Crawler

A mama bird will do anything for her precious chicks! Efi is a dungeon crawler where you have to help a mother bird find her chicks. Her kids are scattered …Read more


Porklike – RPG Adventure

Fill your belly with courage! Porklike is an RPG adventure where you play as a brave pig who is on a quest to defeat the Wurstlord. The entire map is …Read more