Card Games


This is as good as any Solitaire buffet can get. You have an extensive menu of 19 different Solitaire flavours in this game. From Vegas to Monte Carlo, you are …Read more

video poker

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Jack bytes

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7 Spade

Card gaming can never be out of fashion, and this new HTML5 game brings home the assertion with flying colours. You get to play against 3 computer opponents in this …Read more

Higher or Lower?

This game keeps it short, sweet and simple. You have to decide whether the next card you see will be of a value higher or lower, that is it! For …Read more

Pirate TriPeaks

This is a cool Solitaire game to play online. Click on the next higher or lower rated card from the upper deck, and in case you find no matching card …Read more

BigTwo Online

Get rid of all the cards in your hands and complete the objective of the game. You can interpret combinations of any kind, for example Twin, triplet, full house, etc. …Read more