Venngram – Color Matching Puzzle

Who knew that moving circles can be this challenging? Venngram is a unique kind of color-matching puzzle. The goal is to activate the smaller targets by dragging the larger circles …Read more

Memory Game

Memory Game – Color Puzzle

Follow the leader! In this color puzzle game, you need to follow the AI’s movements. The tiles will start to blink randomly. Afterward, you need to tap the tiles in …Read more


Prism – Action Adventure

Life without color is sad.  Add a vibrant glow to your world in Prism! In this action platformer, the goal is to reach the end of the map.  At first, …Read more

Bricked – Color Matching

Bricked is a color matching game where you break shiny tiles with similar colors. The goal is to clear the board each level. During the first few levels, you can …Read more

Blackened – Color Puzzle

Blackened is a color puzzle wherein you need to turn all the white tiles into black. Once you’ve changed the tile’s color, you cannot walk on that again.  In some …Read more

barley colors

Barley Colors – Matching Puzzle

Barley Colors may look just like your average matching puzzle, but it actually offers fun challenges. The goal is to match all similar-colored tiles on the board. The matched tiles …Read more


Pingbol – Number Puzzle

Hit that ball! Pingbol is an addicting number puzzle game featuring colored balls. Hit each ball five times to make it disappear. When a ball stops bouncing around, it will expand to …Read more

Tetra Color – Matching Puzzle

Level up your color-matching skills in Tetra! Instead of just matching like-colored tiles, players need to piece together color gradients to complete each puzzle! At first, things may seem confusing, even …Read more

MindFlip – Memory Puzzle

Do you have a photographic memory? Test your skills in MindFlip! This is a fun memory puzzle wherein you to find the correct pair of images on the grid. As …Read more